Most Annoying Things About Sonic Fans

The Top Ten
1 Way too Defensive
2 Most Fanart besides the R34
3 Bullies Bullies

Every fandom has them, you can't avoid it.

4 The R34 of Cream
5 Too much OCs
6 Rude Tails Fans

Not all Tails fans are rude. If anything, Shadow fans and Infinite fans are much ruder.

If anything, your constant complaints about Tails fans makes you much ruder than they are.

I actually do like Tails and I haven't been rude to anybody.

The true answer

7 Perverts Perverts

I am a sonic fan and I can safely say this is true about most of them

8 Complaining about everything Complaining about everything

This is why Sega shouldn't please their fans. All they care about is a stupid "Good 3D Sonic game", "Sonic Mania is the best Sonic game fans asked for after 25 years" and "All Sonic games are bad let Sonic die" argument.

This happens a lot to not just Sonic fans but also people on YouTube who aren't exactly Sonic fans.

This why I hate sonic fans. the games are good but fans ruin everything.

9 Crazy in general
10 Rouge the Bat Fans
The Contenders
11 Knouge shippers

They think KnucklesxRouge is canon when it is not. Even if Rouge has a "crush" on Knuckles, Knuckles does not even like Rouge back and it is all because of Rouge being flirty like usual and wanting to steal the Master Emerald.

Sonic93's KnuxRouge rant on YouTube is one of the worst when it comes to this. That user tries to prove that KnucklesxRouge is canon when it isn't. The two characters will never marry each other. Get over it, Sonic93!

I heard that Sonic93 is one of the more sane and optimistic Sonic fans, yet she is neither sane or optimistic when it comes to pairings in the Sonic fandom. She rants on the ones she dislikes (such as ShadowxRouge, which she called it a crack pairing when Knouge is more crack than Shadouge) and tries to prove the ones she likes (such as Knouge) as canon, which is a lie. Gee, I wonder why.

I hope Sonic93 and Amy Chan see this. They think Knouge is canon/official or think Knuckles and Rouge should marry later in the series, which is not true.

I hope Rouge doesn't flirt on me! That's disgusting!

12 They overreact

They can't handle opinions and act like a bunch of snowflakes over it and use the autism card as an excuse for their behavior.

13 Pushy Elise Haters
14 Crack pairings
15 They attack and bash on Nintendo Fans
16 Infinite fans
17 No lives at all
18 Pushy Chris Haters
19 Nostalgia people
20 Taiream shippers

I'm actually alright with this ship besides liking Taismo but, I can admit to the fact that this can be a bad thing at times.
Yes I really like Taiream, but its still tied with Taismo in my books.
Also Taismo is the better ship, canon is always right.

The worst. Cream doesn't deserve to be with Tails or anyone else.

21 Crossover shippers
22 Sonic-Disney crossover fans
23 Sonic - My Little Pony Crossover fans
24 Tails Fans

This is actually the most annoying type of fans, the type that surports the idiots.
Not only do the YouTubers get things wrong but, the fans never point out the mistakes they've made such as the time they said that there were ranks in Sonic Adventure while in reality its first appeared in Sonic Adventure 2.
I'm sick of them.
It was bad enough when Tails became a simp and a playa on the channels despite not being one in the main canon with the whole UwU thing being annoying enough they just had to ruin the unbreakable bond as well as the ships that were well liked in the fandom, annoying and dumb.

25 They overrate characters
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