Top 10 Best Sonic the Hedgehog Character Forms

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1 Hyper Sonic

"And this is to go, even further beyond! "

2 Super Shadow

I like super shadow better than hyper sonic

All Hail Shadow, Sonic Fandom!

3 Hyper Knuckles

Hyper knuckles > hyper sonic

Hyper knuckles is awesome

ALL HAIL KNUCKLES, shadow fandom!

Super Tails and Hyper/Super Knuckles are Irrelevant

4 Werehog Sonic
5 Super Tails

Have you seen the movie The Birds?
Tails will destroy us all with the power he wields, we're all doomed.
Shadow can't touch this guy.
His too powerful, Turbo Tails and Titan Tails/Thanos Tails are too powerful.
Shadow, Sonic and Knuckles can't touch this guy when he goes super.
Heck, Tails can bend reality to his will his that powerful.
Tails: Sonic, HELP ME!
Super Tails: FEAR ME!
Turbo Tails: (Insert the lyrics to Pure Imagination here)
Titan Tails/Thanos Tails: I am... inevitable.

6 Dark Sonic Dark Sonic is a dark super transformation achieved by Sonic the Hedgehog in the anime series Sonic X. The multitude of fake Chaos Emeralds and Sonic's intense anger allowed him to achieve this transformation.

Literally appeared once, killed two robots, and was never mentioned again. Sure, it looked cool, but what's the point?

When sonic tries to be shadow

*Cluck and Wink* Nice.

Cool and thriller!

7 Burning Blaze
8 Super Silver

Silver is powerful so that would be twice as powerful

Supreme powerful

9 Super Sonic

Dragon Ball rip off. Am I the only one that hates this form?

10 Darkspine Sonic
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11 Turbo Tails

Achievable natty? - DensestPotato

12 Excalibur Sonic
13 Super Mecha Sonic
14 Hyper Shadow

There's no such thing as "hyper Shadow".

So much energy!

15 Dark Amy
16 Dark Shadow
17 Hero Shadow
18 Chaos Shadow
19 Demon Sonic

Literally Amazing

20 Super Knuckles

We need more sonic games featuring super knuckles

Some people are so dumb, they don't know that super knuckles is not hyper knuckles
in archie sonic, hyper knuckles was knuckles' super form. but archie sonic is not canon. so why call super knuckles a hyper? didn't they played sonic 3 & Knuckles?
knuckles can transform into super knuckles by collecting 7 "CHAOS" emeralds
knuckles can transform into hyper knuckles by collecting 7 "SUPER" emeralds
got that?

21 Hyper Shadic
22 Super Shadic
23 Super Bernadette
24 Hyper Seelkadoom
25 Sonic Man
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