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This is the BEST SONIC PAIRINGS! This is my opinion where some of the ships should be, feel free to add any I missed! Thanks!
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1 Shadouge

It doesn't matter your opinion, you still can't deny the chemistry they have. I'm very upset that Sonic and Amy are shipped more with Shadow than these two. They both work very well together. I base my ships off pure canon (well, except for Silvaze) and this is the most beautiful and remarkable ship. Taking two characters that would almost seem impossible to work with anyone, just clicked like best vids like that. In Heroes they were the coolest team (along with Omega), and IK 06 wasn't canon but it still had a lot. In the end, they know they have each other, and that's that.

I have to agree with this.
I don't really agree with Knuxouge. I think rouge just flirts with him to get the master emerald.
Shadouge, on the other hand, is hinted at it in nearly every game. Rouge had called Shadow handsome and charming and sugar. Shadow even dreamt about rouge in sonic adventure battle.
They have good chemistry. Both are anti heroes with enormous egos. They respect and trust each other. Rouge is the only one shadow trusts, and Shadow us the only one Rouge trusts

I don't ship this, I prefer Knuxouge. I consider shadows and rouges relationship to be a working one. They are good friends and teammates, but I feel like the relationship between them is more like an alliance and friend like than romantic. Sure rouge sometimes flirts with shadow, she flirts with almost any guy, the reason shadow doesn't react to her flintiness is becouse he probably doesn't care at all of what she says. Shadow is very patient, but I feel like rouge can sometimes get a bit into his nerves. I think of them as just being teammates or friends.

They are just meant to be. No matter what, they always have each other. At this point, it's pretty much canon with all of the romantic moments they have shared. Shadow and Rouge have a deep, emotional bond and the fact that they care for each other deeply is so obvious...though they are afraid of their own feelings at times. In away, both are insecure and feel unworthy of the other's love...or anyone's love for that matter. When they are able to love themselves and move past their baggage, this will blossom into a truly beautiful romance.

2 Sonaze

Blaze is a great partner for Sonic, maybe even the best. She can be just as cocky as Sonic, if not more so.. She's not that different from Sonic. In spin-offs such as the Riders and Olympics series, Blaze is shown to have become far more confident. Nearly all of her lines involve her bragging about how awesome she is, and she doesn't take losing well... Not unlike Sonic, one of the main influences behind her character development. She's dependable, independent yet she's even better with a team. Talented, and even tactful, She's beautiful, strong, lithe, and flexible. She'' as fast as she's intelligent. She's the perfect partner for Sonic. She has great chemistry with Sonic.

This ship is not only mediocre, but doesn't make much sense in general. Blaze is technically and originally supposed to be a female version of Sonic from another dimension, so it wouldn't make sense to pair them up. Also, their personalities would cause conflict between the two, and even if it didn't it would be a bland and tasteless relationship.

Sonic is as flexible as they come, & Blaze is as uptight as they come. To have a relationship where one teaches the other to lighten up & be around others is the best kind of relationship anyone can have. Sonic & Blaze were meant for each other.

The best Ship hands down.
Sonic and Blaze would really look good together. There is so much subtext proving this couple.
Sonic and Blaze are very similar and both can learn new from each other. Also Blue and Purple go well together.

3 Sonic x Tails

These two have so much chemistry together, it makes me so sad that this will probably never be canon. I'm begging for any type of canon ship with these two, no matter what media type it's in.

This gets way too much hate. Tails has always admired Sonic and follows him everywhere, whereas Sonic treats him as one of his closest partners. There are so many different scenarios that could lead them into a romantic relationship, and I know it'll never be canon, but I can dream…

I adore their friendship, and how it's endured over the years. Can't really ask for a better partner than your best friend, can you?

Most Sonics ship Sontails. He got his buddy in most fights through different timelines more times than anyone.
Tails know more about Sonic than Amy.
To Tails, Sonic is his bestfriend, his brother, his mother, his father and pretty much everything he needs in his life.
Tails wouldn't have a better life if he didn't meet Sonic at all.
And Sonic wouldn't be complete without Tails.

4 Tails x Mina

Well that's the Archie comics. Yes Mina and Tails get married but it's not a popular ship. But I do think it's okay it's just not to my likes.

These two actually marry and have kids in the comics (In the Mobius: 25 Years Later story).

Best couple in the comics
I know they appeared just once, but who cares they are so cute together
I wish we could have seen more of them

Singer falling in love with a mechanic (art and technology) this already makes them a good couple

5 Silvaze

This is the most wholesome ship I've ever seen. They go so well together in Sonic 06. And even though the timeline was erased, I have hope for this ship.

I love this, even though people say that they considered themselves as a bro and sis. Remember, the timeline was erased, so they met each other a different way, they still knew each other after the timeline erased. That gave them a chance to start over. Maybe they didn't consider themselves in a sibling relationship after the timeline was erased. Which is why I love this ship.

This all started in 2006 when we first discovered Silver. During Silvers story, he was helped along the way with his partner, Blaze, although during the final cutscene of Silvers story, Blaze says how she always liked how naive Silver was, but since the game was erased, and Blazes Japanese profile states she sees Silver as a little brother, it is worthless, but people continue to ship it, which is completely fine. :3

I just love Silvaze because they are polar opposites, so they could teach each other. An example of this is that since Blaze is so stern and vigilant Silver might be able to help her"chill out" and be more content, same thing goes with Silver just swapped around.

6 Vanilla x Vector

I was on roblox... there wee two players one vector an one vanilla... they were playing with a bunch of other players. in a minute they went out together... I followed... they were working together to stop the metal virus! I helped as tails and this was on sp:rp (sonic projecter roleplay) friend me on roblox my name is neonzonic

This was showed during some Sonic X episodes, and even in one cut scene, Vector even shows his love to her!

No. Cream doesn't want a crocodile father that could eat her. He's a duck boy.

It's just nice.

7 Sonamy

I just love this one. This extent to which Amy loves Sonic is just beautiful, and so rare. One of my favourite Amy moments is from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 video game), where she states, without hesitating, that if she had to choose between saving the world, or Sonic, she would choose Sonic. I love how she is a bit clingy and crazy, and I think it melds well with Sonic's independent and carefree personality. While I think he generally finds her affections a bit overbearing, I believe he has a soft spot for her, really ;)

While this is my OTP, the Sonamy fans are a bit crazy. Here are my reasons:
1. They make Shadow a bad guy by having him kidnap Amy... but he's not a bad guy.
2. They don't actually develop the relationship, they just make Sonic love Amy like a chili dog. (Sonic x Chili dog best ship XD)
3. They bash other ships that ACTUALLY are canon, like Sonally. I support both ships, I just happen to fancy Sonamy more.

My supporting this ship:
Outside of the comics, Sonic is most likely to end up with Amy. I prefer Sonic single, but if he had to be with someone in the games, Amy is number one.

They are very similar. Both are hedgehogs. Both are great leaders. Both are strong. Both have a sidekick. Can I go on?

Amy has grown more mature. Especially since Lost world and Sonic boom. Also, the Idw comics show her to be a great and mature leader, even under stress. Sonic could use someone to organize.

There are so many other reasons... I just love this ship! (Not ...more

I think that their just a good mach because I hate sally and amy is pretty good as a girlfriend (I think?) But still I like this ship better then all the other ships with sonic and random ships with amy.

Sonic and Amy is a better choice then Sonic and Sally. Archie comics never liked Amy, if I remember they didn't make Amy a freedom fighter because she was only twelve, but when cream comes along she becomes a freedom fighter at six years old, I don't know why they don't like Amy. Anyways Amy and Sonic do have a little romantic attraction in the games and Sonic x and Sonic boom series. If you look closely in the games there are hints that sonic does like Amy back. Also SonAmy is my first ship I've seen, and SonAmy is my #1 ship! #SonAmyfoever

8 Tails x Cosmo

A good pair and I like how Tails cares about her. People who hate Cosmo hate her for a rather crummy reason (they prefer him with Cream which is so wrong) and that's not a good reason to hate a character just because she gets in the way of the horrible, non-canon couple you support.

They both have similar personalities, and in Sonic X the relationship is built well. I started my Sonic obsession on a steady dose of Sonic X, so this ship has a special place in my heart.

It's one of the best pairs because in the Japanese version of Sonic X he admits he loves her when he has to kill her. Definitely one of the best.

How is Taiream above this!? It's like saying kingdings is better than asgoriel! Good thing this list is on "Top ten worst TheTopTens lists" because it belongs there. It's in the top ten.

9 Sonally

I don't really like this ship. First of all, I'm not a Sonamy shipper, but at least Amy lets Sonic be free. Sally was always bossing Sonic around and never leaving him alone. Like, geez, get a life Sally, leave him alone. I'm so glad she's not in the games.

An epic ship, their story was beautiful. The Archie comics may not have been perfect—they were far from it. But Sonic and Sally had a healthy, supportive relationship, and while they hit their bumps—it works. Sonic needs someone to reel him in, and that's sally.

There was a universe where the two actually got married and Sonic fell in love with her. There are many universe within the Archie Comics and their kids were named Sonia and Manic after his brother and sister from Sonic Underground. In the old show, they kissed plenty of times, hold hands, flirt with each other, etc. There we obvious signs she liked him in the show and he liked her. They had intentions for a season 3 wedding, but it got ended because of budget cuts sadly.

They don't belong together, if I remember Sally wanted him to slow down and Amy let him go as fast as he wanted. Archie comics made Amy let sonic go and never have I seen or heard once Sally being in a game, but we're talking about series well I know that she doesn't show up in Sonic x or Sonic boom. I think Sally belongs with Khan the monkey, they seem to fit better also Sally did get with him.

10 Tails x Cream

Tails is Sonic's sidekick. Cream is Amy's sidekick. Their colors match really good for each other. Also, Tails can't marry Cosmo because COSMO IS DEAD! I don't think Sega is going to bring her back. I don't understand why people don't like Tails x Cream because of their ages. Cream is 6 and Tails is 8. That's not a big age difference!

Ick. Bleh. Bad choice for a couple because they never shown romantic interest towards each other and every time they met is just general, non-romantic interaction. No offense to anyone who ships it, but this couple was never official in the series, not even once.

There are no ship teasers between these two. Tails and Cream never expressed romance towards each other. Tails loved Cosmo in Sonic X and Zooey in Sonic Boom. Deal with it.

Plus, I cannot stand Cream; She is the worst Sonic character ever.

THIS is my kind of pairing. I really prefer fan-made ships, and I find is really expresses how people assume they feel towards each other.

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11 Shadamy

Shadamy is a joke compared to the heartwarming moments shadow and rouge shard, she thought it was Sonic people get that thro your thick skills!

Shadamy don't make sense she thought it was SONIC people! Shadouge is more likely to happen same with sonamy!

I am a big Shadamy fan, I believe that they are the perfect match. shadow is that sexy, bad-ass, when Amy is that Cute, funny girl. they are perfect!

Shadamy is so cute, and I think if they actually spent some time together they'll make it.

12 Bunnie x Antonio

They are perfect for each other, and they are so sweet and romantic, in a good way. I love the moments they have.

This ship was shown in the comics and Bunnie and Antonio get together! They are one of the few canon ships.

Bunnie is able to take the coward out of Antoine.

Um, It's Antoine? But this ship is cute!

13 Jet x Wave

Cute just, just cute.

14 Shadaze

Love these two together! I think their independent and strong personalities compliment each other well. They both seem to be somewhat of a loner, and struggle to share their emotions. They have a fair bit of common ground to bond over. Their camaraderie in the Sonic Universe comics is ace!

Yeah, they never talked in the games, but they should. You know how cool it would be with a story with all the characters talking to each other like them. They even had time in the comics that sega even approvedl.

This pairing has always made the most sense to me. Their personalities just line up perfectly, sadly there is a severe lack of Shadaze fans.

This ship was made by angels. They had a deep respect and bond for each other in the comics and they appeared to be friends in the game.

15 Knuckles x Shade

Awesome couple, plus I liked the Echidna Rush move.

16 Knuckles x Sonia
17 Sonic x Shadow

I love this couple for many reasons, but the main one is, that they are rivals. That's what I like. The hero isn't supposed to fall for the villain, but Sonic falls for Shadow or Shadow falls for Sonic. The fact that they are rivals just makes their love that much cuter. They love bickering but when it comes down to it, they actually are friends. SEGA is actually leaving Sonadow hints here and there. Sonic heroes, Sonic adevnture 2, Sonic boom rise of lyric and shattered crystal and then the show as well. Face it guys, Sonadow is love, Sonadow is life

This ship is super cute. I used to be a sonamy stan but this ship just took over my heart and I've been shipping it ever since, for 3 years. You might think "ew why is this ship even a thing"'s one of those opposites attract ships. Like the yin and yang. They'd be adorable together and seeing them actually become a thing would be amazing, especially for the spread of the lgbt+ community throughout kids/teen games and shows. There is actually a chance sonadow might become canon considering SEGA does ship it, and supports it, but there is a very low chance. Guess we'll just have to keep dreaming 😂

Sonadow to me is a great shipping it shows the love hate relationship they both share and who doesn't love a great love hate situation when their both confused about their feelings.

I have always loved this pair. Sonadow is the best couple. They're opposites and opposites attract each other, this would be so awesome of this was cannon.

18 Charmy x Cream

Well I just think that they are really good friends, their the same age and I think that it's better then all the other ships with the chaotix.

19 Shadow x Maria

I actually don't agree with this, but not because I'm some sick fan girl who obsessed over shadamy and things of that nature. I don't agree with this, because I don't believe Shadow loved Maria that way. Oh, I do believe he loved her, more than anything. But I don't believe they would have held hands and talked about how they have feelings for each other. They are best friends, with a deep bond. And even when Shadow wasn't sure Maria was even a real part of his life, or just a memory placed into his mind, he still always kept her in mind. Shadow doesn't love Maria like a girlfriend, he loves her more than that. He loves her like she's the only person in the world.

This ship doesn't make sence. Maria is a human and Shadow is an animal creation. Besides, it is stated, by Shadow the hedgehog himself, that Maria was like a sister to him. And it is stated in his profile that the relationship between Maria and Shadow are like close siblings, not romantic. Aside from that, if Shadow was human he'd be much older than Maria. Maria is 6, Shadow would be in his 20s (if human).

This is shown by Shadow being created mainly because of Maria, he looked after Maria and he loved her, he was crushed when she was killed, so he went out against the human race to destroy them as revenge.

I LOVE THIS SHIP, go ahead ShadAmy or Sonadow fans, burn me but first, hear me out. Shadow LOVED maria, mkay? he cared for her so much that he actually would DESTROY a ' planet for her, I don't care if she's a human and shadow's a hedgehog but one thing's for sure, they CARED about each other. REFLECT ON THAT

20 Ray x Marine

They never even met. Tails is a better choice for Marine than Ray.

I think that one's okay.

21 Knuckles x Master Emerald

This is a beautiful relationship between a red echidna and his trusty emerald. The Master Emerald is obviously rock hard for Knuckles. The Master Emerald allows Knuckles to feel. It's a perfectly healthy relationship.

I love this ship man! It's just great in SO many ways! To be honest, I can't stop laughing and think how weird but adorable this ship is! Love it!

Me to lol not really this ship is fake and if it of you know the master emrald doesn't have a gender? Back off feminists, I'm not assuming your genders, and there's only 2 genders. How do you know the master emrald isn't a man? Stop feminists don't get shook about me saying man

Beautiful. It's just so funny and how could anybody not laugh.

22 Manic x Mina

Manic and Mina is a couple that's a must ship! Even though they don't meet or even met, it's a ship! A cute one too!

Honestly sounds good

23 Infinite x Gadget

I'm assuming when you say gadget you mean the rookie from sonic forces. I can see your point. they did both lose some of their army except they handled it different ways. the rookie moves on and eventually joins the resistance. infinite however, lets the anger take hold and becomes evil. also, the rookie can be female, so it can be a male x female ship

24 Tails x Zooey

Ever since Sonic Boom introduced a new female fox character in one of the new episodes and happens to have a crush on Tails, and seeing how Cosmo died in Sonic X, I always thought Tails and Zooey would be perfect for each other.

Cosmo and Zooey are the same person people, can't you see it.
Just look at both names, there are two o's.
Two o's people, two o's.

Tails does love Zooey. Tails also loves Cosmo the seedrian by the way

They are hot together

25 Sonic x Silver - Sonilver
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