Top Ten Sonic Heroes Stages with the Best Music

Sonic games are known for almost always having awesome music. Sonic Heroes is no exception. The game is complemented by an awesome soundtrack.

The Top Ten

1 Stage 01: Seaside Hill Stage 01: Seaside Hill

Instant classic! Almost as universally liked as Green Hill Zone's music.

There's a parody on YouTube called 'Seaside Denied'. Look it up. - TwilightKitsune

2 Stage 05: Casino Park Stage 05: Casino Park

The music fits perfectly with the stage; a gigantic, casino pinball machine! My personal favorite.

3 Stage 12: Mystic Mansion Stage 12: Mystic Mansion

Creepy, awesome, and so much fun.

4 Stage 02: Ocean Palace Stage 02: Ocean Palace

More like, Party Palace! (cheesy, I know. But Sonic Heroes is VERY cheesy anyway.)

5 Special Stage: Bonus Challenge Special Stage: Bonus Challenge

Has such a retro Sonic feel. Just awesome!

6 Stage 08: Bullet Station Stage 08: Bullet Station

Back to kick some butt….

7 Stage 03: Grand Metropolis Stage 03: Grand Metropolis

Another classic theme.

8 Stage 14: Final Fortress Stage 14: Final Fortress

Amazing grand finale stage, and witht he perfect mood! - HeavyDonkeyKong

9 Stage 11: Hang Castle Stage 11: Hang Castle

Sounds like creepy carnival music. Perfect.

10 Special Stage: Emerald Challenge Special Stage: Emerald Challenge

Chasing that chaos emerald is a total pain (especially if you own the PS2 version of the game -_-), but at least the music rocks!

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