Best Sonic Pairings of All Kinds (Boy+Boy/Boy+Girl)

The Top Ten

1 Sonails (Sonic and Tails)
2 Sonadow (Sonic and Shadow)

I prefer to think of this as the most compatible couple in real life. In Chinese culture, Yin (Moon/ Shadow, in this case) and Yang (Sun/ Sonic) are the most compatible personalities for love as Yang will comfort Yin and Yin will protect/ sacrifice themselves for Yang. It makes sense why people ship them (at least it makes somewhat sense in a yaoi way for me) ~ Bramble

Why...the X... is this on 1? (destroys computer)

Sonic and... Sonic and...
Does everyone just obsesses about Sonic? Which pair here doesn't have Sonic's name?

3 Sonourge (Sonic and Scourge)
4 Sonamy (Sonic and Amy)

Sonic and Amy will be so happy together. I agree with this one.

Canon ship. Burn the other reasons down, mate!

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5 Sonet (Sonic and Jet)
6 Sonave (Sonic and Wave)
7 Sonouge (Sonic and Rouge)
8 Sonaze (Sonic and Blaze)
9 Sonilver (Sonic and Silver)
10 Sonally (Sonic and Sally)

Comic canon ship. NO OTHER REASONS ALLOWED. (Not that I ship that) ~ Bramble

The Contenders

11 Shadaze (Shadow and Blaze)

Shadow and Blaze makes more sense than Shadow and Shrek.

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12 Scourgiona (Scourge and Fiona) V 1 Comment
13 Shadshrek (Shadow and Shrek)
14 Tailream (Tails and Cream)

No! They never showed romance toward each other.

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15 Charine (Charmy and Marine) V 1 Comment
16 Shadouge (Shadow x Rouge)
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