Best Sonic Pairings of All Kinds (Boy+Boy/Boy+Girl)

The Top Ten

1 Sonails (Sonic and Tails)
2 Tailina (Tails x Mina)
3 Sonally (Sonic and Sally)

Comic canon ship. NO OTHER REASONS ALLOWED. (Not that I ship that) ~ Bramble

4 Sonadow (Sonic and Shadow)

I prefer to think of this as the most compatible couple in real life. In Chinese culture, Yin (Moon/ Shadow, in this case) and Yang (Sun/ Sonic) are the most compatible personalities for love as Yang will comfort Yin and Yin will protect/ sacrifice themselves for Yang. It makes sense why people ship them (at least it makes somewhat sense in a yaoi way for me) ~ Bramble

Why...the X... is this on 1? (destroys computer)

Sonic and... Sonic and...
Does everyone just obsesses about Sonic? Which pair here doesn't have Sonic's name?

5 Sonourge (Sonic and Scourge)
6 Sonamy (Sonic and Amy)

Sonic and Amy will be so happy together. I agree with this one.

Canon ship. Burn the other reasons down, mate!

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7 Sonet (Sonic and Jet)
8 Sonave (Sonic and Wave)
9 Sonouge (Sonic and Rouge)
10 Sonaze (Sonic and Blaze)

The Contenders

11 Sonilver (Sonic and Silver)
12 Shadaze (Shadow and Blaze)

Shadow and Blaze makes more sense than Shadow and Shrek.

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13 Scourgiona (Scourge and Fiona) V 1 Comment
14 Shadshrek (Shadow and Shrek)
15 Tailream (Tails and Cream)

No! They never showed romance toward each other.

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16 Charine (Charmy and Marine) V 1 Comment
17 Shadouge (Shadow and Rouge)
18 Knuckouge (Knuckles and Rouge)
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