Top Ten Sonic the Hedgehog Stages

The Top Ten Sonic the Hedgehog Stages

City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)

I prefer the 3D generations version.

I loved going to San Francisco, and this level just preserved the place for me.

It's ironic how Sonic doesn't actually escape the city

This level is a classic, and the music makes it better.

Green Hill (Sonic 1)

WHY IS THIS NOT #1?! I mean seriously! This is what started EVERYTHING best toon to hum or whistle to it's the most memorable! If you are a TRUE sonic fan this would be number 1 and would have to at least hear it once a day to keep your sanity - Zombieman99

I'd put it at number 1 if it wasn't overrated and made an appearance in so many games.

Make it 1 first zone first game bro

Green hill zones the has best music best level design.I just can’t believe this,

Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure)

UP N DOWN N ALL AROUND! The music is dope. I mean dope as in cool, not weed. It sounds like Gorillaz did the theme for this stage.

So Good For Speed Runners And Awesome Theme At The end of The Level!

This stage stays true to Sonic with the awesome amount of speed it offers. The platforming sections are also a lot of fun. Tails has his own version of the stage as well, so that's a plus.

Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

The amount of speed you get in this zone is amazing. There's a bunch of different paths you can take to clear the zone as well. Really, the only part of the zone that I don't like is the water section towards the end of Act 2, because it's sort of a pace breaker. Everything else is great, though

Chemical Plant zone is one of the highlights of the Genesis era of the Classic Games, with its fast paced platforming to the awesome remake in Generations, Chemical Plant is truly a gem to behold

Yas cool tunezzz

Radical Highway (Sonic Adventure 2)

My favorite. sa2b stage. The music good.

Ice Cap (Sonic 3/Sonic Adventure)

Amazing level, love the snowboarding part and the music is so good

Emerald Coast (Sonic Adventure)

Really should be at least number 3 beautiful stage calming music

Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2)
Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed)

It's the best stage in the series honestly, it really is. The music is very catchy and fitting, the look is absolutely beautiful, and the stage itself is exhilarating and it's just more fun than any other stage, especially stupid Green Hill Zone.

Easily the best stage in the series, though Final Rush is a close second.

Metal Harbor (Sonic Adventure 2)

By far my favorite stage in the game. It give an awesome amount of speed that remains constant throughout most of the stage, so platforming sections don't really break the pace. It can be really frustrating going for the higher handle on the rocket for an A rank, but when you do finally pull it off, it's amazing.

The Newcomers

? Vs. Infinite Showdown (Sonic Forces)

The Contenders

Sandopolis (Sonic & Knuckles)
Windy Valley (Sonic Adventure)

As simple of a stage it is, there's a great chance for short cuts with sonic. Fantastic music. You can skip the entire stage with tails, and you can rack up ridiculous time bonuses with Gamma. It has the best remix in the series ('The Air' is a remix of green grove from 3d blast), and is the sole reason I bought sonic and mario at the London Olympics. (It's also the stage that got me to love adventure 1 and is why I play it every week)

Crisis City (Sonic 06)

It's so easy get good at the game bud

I love this! So hard but amazing

Studiopolis Zone (Sonic Mania)

A new levels with lot of references and thought put into it. Not to mention, it's fun.

Star Light Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Other than Green Hill Zone, the Star Light Zone is probably the most memorable zone in Sonic 1. It has the perfect balance between speed and platforming, and the music is excellent as well. I would say Star Light is definitely the best zone in the first Sonic game, and it's a candidate for the best zone in all the classic Sonic games.

Final Rush (Sonic Adventure 2)

I love this stage I feel like a B.A grinding on Rails!

Kingdom Valley (Sonic 06)

The speed section was a really cool looking level section. The best speed section in the game. - sonic2021

A very fun stage, best stage in such a broken game!

Death Egg (Sonic & Knuckles)
Rail Canyon (Sonic Heroes)
Stardust Speedway (Sonic CD)

What do you get when you combine a futuristic highway with Past, Present, and Good/Bad Future, and lotsa “HUEHUE’s”, Stardust Speedway from Sonic CD. I really had a blast when playing the IOS remake of Sonic CD… With the Japan/PAL soundtrack, though it took me a few tries to defeat Metal Sonic, but still, son’t avoid this one. It’s fast, bright, and “HUEHUE” infested!

Sky Sanctuary Zone (Sonic & Knuckles)

Sort of short and hard in sonic and knuckles, but amazing music and great remake in sonic generations

Cool and I love s&k

Wave Ocean (Sonic 06)

Best stage fack you all

Hydrocity Zone (Sonic Mania)

Hydrocity is fun and fast and if you take the right the path you can get through nice and easy and avoid a lot of the water plus music is great

Launch Base (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
Egg Carrier (Sonic Adventure)
Asteroid Coaster (Sonic Colours)


Angel Island (Sonic 3)
Titanic Monarch Zone (Sonic Mania)

The music and story fit together perfectly and create the perfect atmosphere for the last level in the game.

I love this level along whit sonic the hedgehog series levels

Hill Top (Sonic 2)

This, Casino Night, Mystic Cave and Emerald Hill are the easiest levels

Mushroom Hill Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
Seaside Hill (Sonic Generations)

This level is so much fun, the music is incredible not to mention the stage is great, at first you see 3 paths to go but then you find out you can go 4 ways, running on water is awesome and the very little 2d sections that there are can be skipped almost entirely.

Lava Reef Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)

Such good music and has awesome enemies like snakes that burrow in lava and rocks that blow themselves up!

Emerald Hill (Sonic 2)

Great stage.

Red Mountain (Sonic Adventure)

With one of the largest levels in the original sonic adventure, this stage begs the player to explore it's multiple routes and enjoy the epic music. - BreakerOfStone

Planet Wisp (Sonic Colors)
Mission Street (Sonic Adventure 2)

The music is the only reason I love this stage. Best stage theme in the whole series

This stage literally IS Tails

Cosmic Angel (Sonic Advance)
Lyric's Lair (Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric)

So people hate the game. I LOVE the game! And the level. Sure it's like Robot Storm in Sonic Heroes but the boss is pretty awesome.

Starlight Carnival (Sonic Colours)
Tropical Resort (Sonic Colours)

You're boosting in 2D and 3D in a resort with awesome level design, music and theme. Oh, I forget saying it's in the center of an amusement park in SPACE!

Twinkle Park (Sonic Adventure)
Dragon Road (Sonic Unleashed)

Great level design for mixed gameplay. The style has a nice feel and that music. So good. Needs a remake.

Clock Ork Zone (Sonic 1)
Dead Line Zone (Sonic Rush)

Best cosmic level.
The music rocks

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