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1 Falling for the Falls

Funny, dramatic, and romantic. Demi and Sterling have some sort of awkward chemistry that cannot be denied. I believe Part I is better than Part II, mostly because of the scene where Chad asks Sonny out. Classic. "

cutest thing ever :)
hopefully Dem's alright to do the rest of season three :)
oh how I wish they'd get back together

Chad asks Sonny out. That's cool... and they are really cute..

It's really funny (both parts) and really romantic and sweet as this is the episode they started dating.
I love when Chad asks Sonny out and it starts to get awkward, when they both said each others names during their rehearsals and when they were tricking their cast mates to make them believe nothing was happening between them.

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2 Sonny With a Song

I love that episode you were so cool when you sang that song. See you on the next episode.

I love the song especially in this episode.

3 Sonny With a Secret

This episode is funny and dramatic. It's just like mackenzie falls and so random put together.

4 Sketchy Beginning
5 That's So Sonny

Because it was a That's So Raven Reunion On Disney Channel Sonny With A Chance and I really truly used to love and. admire how awesome Sonny With A Chance and how funny and interesting it was and how fun it was to really truly see and enjoy every episode beginning to end sad to see it go after only two seasons though but hey T.V. is T.V..

6 Battle of the Network Stars
7 West Coast Story
8 Hart to Hart
9 Sonny With a Kiss
10 Sonny So Far

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11 Sonny With a Chance of Dating V 1 Comment
12 Walk a Mile In My Pants

It's so funny with the song and everything

13 Sonny at the Falls
14 Sonny with a 100% Chance of Meddling
15 Grady With a Chance of Sonny
16 Promises, Prom-misses
17 My Two Chads
18 Chad Without a Chance

I think this episode was brilliant and so funny

Funniest episode ever! I love Chad so much, Sterling Knight (<3! ) portrays him so well, and he's so hot. This episode is HILARIOUS

19 High School Miserable

you know whey I vote for this is I like

20 Gummy With a Chance

I loved this one! It's the funniest. I liked some others but not as much as this one. Some of the others is sonny with a secret and the legend of candy face and high school miserable.

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1. Battle of the Network Stars
2. That's So Sonny
3. Hart to Hart
1. Falling for the Falls
2. Sonny With a Secret
3. Sonny With a Song



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