Top 10 Sons of Anarchy Characters

Can't believe there isn't a list for this awesome show! This is my personal favorites and characters I think everybody else put on their list to. Feel free to add.

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1 Chibs Telford

After watching the all seasons I wondered who is the one who people love most. Good to see it's Chibs, because he is the best one in my opinion as well. However Tig definitely deserved to be the second one. I love these guys as much as I loved Silvio Dante from the Sopranos.

Chibs is awesome. Loyal, brave and completely bad ass.

One of the only loyal members to the club. Doesn't lie and never ratted or backstabbing. Chibs is a real man and club brother

He's cool... And looks good. Furthermore he is a real man, I mean he is loyal, tough, etc...

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2 Tig Trager

A psychotic murderer with a soft side to it as well. Tig loves to drink and have girls in his presence, but is also very dedicated to the club. He was the righthand man of Clay and is now developing a new relationship with Jax, which seems kind of prosperous. I love Tig as a character, and I hope you guys do as well. - nonofyall

I love his sick sense of humor. Has the best lines and quips and never fails to make me laugh. He is by far one of the most violent characters but I love that he has a soft side too and very loyal to those closest to him.

My favorite character, pisses me off though jax was gonna let him die, he saves him from pope then lets popes men have a second chance at him

Loyal to the club one of the best characters ever

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3 Opie Winston

My top 3 favourite characters, I like Opie he's a sick character, he's road has been long, emotional & very violent truly one who has suffered throughout the Sons of Anarchy's run he lost his wife, father & his whole family. Most importantly he went out a Warrior doing what he does best protecting his brothers when Jax had to pick which Son would die Opie decided he'd sacrificed himself instead, Opie is a true hero & a loyal friend.

Opie was amazing... Seeing Ryan Hurst play a role so opposite of what he normally does, he did a flawless job, incredible actor, main character and supporting actor to a group of actors (and creator) dedicated to great story telling and some of the most treasured T.V. hours of my life. Opie's story actually brought me to tears numerous times. Incredible incredible incredible.

Opie was a cool guy, the most complex & a great character, his road has been long, rocky & a very violent one. Truly one who has suffered a great deal of Sons of Anarchy's run but being Jax's best friend & looking like a one man army makes him admirable & I'll never forget his famous line "I got this"

Too bad that Opie is gone but he is not forgotten. Opie was a cool guy. He was a short-tempered yet good-hearted man. The big guy was unforgettable.

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4 Jax Teller Jax Teller Jackson "Jax" teller is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the FX crime drama television series Sons of Anarchy created by Kurt Sutter.

Good son, father, and friend. Sensitive and smart but sexy and bad-ass. Yes, he's the perfect tall, dark, and handsome, but he is a much more complex character than that. He faces many external and internal conflicts throughout the series and experiences a lot of character development. But his over all conflict is trying to do right by his family and be a good man that he himself can be proud of, despite all the awful things he may do or feel that he has to do. Ladies want to kiss him and men want to be him, but everybody loves him. Jax has many traits that make him such a good, complicated, round character and my personal favorite.

Jax is an all round cool character, he's just amazing he has a great relationship with everyone around him, never making you feel third after Tara & Opie. Jax is a sound guy who will do anything to look after his friends & family, Jax has a big heart, he's smart guy, a loyal friend & a fearless brother, Jax made a lot of big mistakes about his club & his family but he redeemed himself, & he made a lot of hard choices. I'll never forget his quote on how to be a leader, "This how you learn to be a leader brother, doing the that's hurts the most, you'd rather make someone else do, its part of the gig, it's how you earn respect"

Jax Teller my top 3 favourite characters ever. Jax was the most loyal characters I've ever known, he'd been trying to lead the club in the right direction right from the word go to lead them in a more legitimate enterprises, bigger ways to earn, Jax was cool, smart, loyal & most importantly a good friend to have in many aspects, his biggest conflict was trying to do right by his family. Jax's road has been long, rocky & very violent & he was one of the characters that suffered most through the Sons of Anarchy's run, he lost his best friend & lost his wife. Rock on Jax!

Something for the ladies am I right? But also something for the guys, because Jax is an all around awesome and cool character, great in every aspect, fitting the pretty boy and still has it in him to use force. - nonofyall

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5 Juice Ortiz

He has the most character depth, he's really tragic. Everyone abandons him, his dad, the club (his only family,) Gemma turns on him too. He was loyal to the club, and did less wrong than Bobby (who slept with a brother's old lady) or Tig (who tried to kill a brother, but killed his wife) yet he got the mayhem vote ultimately for accidentally telling Nero about killing Darvany (on Jax's orders) because the guilt of murdering an innocent woman got to him, and well, he was hardly lucid when he told him. I could go on about this all day, but he did not deserve what he got at all. The finale (Jax's death) is justice for Juice. To sum him up he's hot, sweet, loyal, a little stupid, funny, twisted up, sad, lost, tragic. Rip, brother.

Juice is the saddest character in the show he tugged at all of my heart strings. No one is ever honest with him if anyone is ever kind it's because they wanna use him, he's so loyal he does everything he is asked and gets all the repercussions of actions he's told to do. He's so broken you just hurt for him. And that sweet smile he just lights up the room. By far him one and chibs are the only characters I didn't want to die.

Sweet and nice guy who, even though being somewhat clumsy, still proves to be a loyal and strong member of the club. I've always liked Juice, the question is if you do. - nonofyall

Poor juice probably the best written character full dimensions

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6 Gemma Teller

Gemma is the definition of a BAMF. She does bad things, but she does it for her family. She is the one who really started Sons of Anarchy and she’s the one who has kept it going, she’s done it through manipulation, but you gotta work with what you got. Gemma was a mom to all the club members. Gemma was a great mom who just loved her family too much.

I love Gemma. She's a badass lady, but also so loving and devoted to her family. Doesn't hurt that she's also drop dead gorgeous.

The actress did a very good job. I love characters who are bad but they also have good side. And I really love strong women!

She is a bad woman

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7 Happy

I love Happy! He is so funny and made me laugh. Happy is lovely crazy and absolutely loyal.

The craziest member of SAMCRO!

By far my favorite character. I wish he had had more screen time. He was super funny and always made me laugh. Great supporting role!

Happy should be above clay in this list CLAY is nothing but a tyrant and happy is funny as hell

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8 Clay Morrow

The absolute meaning of a badass biker.

But also a sweet kind caring father figure to jax only to be gunned down by him poor clay but we love him to death

Great character who has no remorse when anyone gets in his way just a shame he ended up the way he did


The boss, jax Should have never gotten president

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9 Bobby Elvis

Bobby is the fun uncle at the family reunion.

Bobby is a cool character who was the voice of reason who always put the club first and a loyal brother who deserved a better ending

Who could forget the Jew in leather? Bobby's about as cool as Jew can be when you are in a MC group. I love Bobby's character. - nonofyall

He always seemed to be the guy who played it safe and kept to himself. Meanwhile as the show continues you start to realize Bobby may have been the glue that kept SAMCRO together the whole time. - TwJaGd

10 Nero Padilla

He is the best character? Why isn't he more on the top?

Easily the best

Admire his motives.

Who doesn't love Jimmy Smits - He brings each show he's on to another level!

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The Contenders

11 Chuck Marstein

I accept that!

Chuck is, in my opinion, the best character in SOA, and if you doubt it, just think a minute about the character. The guy is always positive, even after getting his fingers chopped off by Chinese gangsters. He also shows a great deal of empathy toward the other characters and often hints that he understand what is going around even though nobody bothers telling him.Chucky is the best, and we can all accept that.

Chucky is the man... Every time I see him I smile, awaiting to hear him say "i accept that " lmfao

God I love chuck and I do not accept that he is #10

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12 Chief Wayne Uncer

Warm-hearted, easy to like, smart and peaceful old man, who wants nothing but peace.

In my opinion by far the best performer in the series

Always dead nice and an easy to like character

Easily one of the most likeable characters to me.unser was always so loyal.he gave everything to the club that he wasn’t a part of.he stuck by Gemma no matter what.and his sarcastic humor was funny

13 Eli Roosevelt

Straightedge cop doing his job who lets his business fall too deep into his family... I feel for him. Can't say I'm happy he replaced Unser but a great twist to a great show about outlaws, and allowing to show how tradgedy allows a straight shooter cop help an outlaw biker gang... Great job

14 Filthy Phil

The next big I'm tellin ya I love him

15 Half-Sack Epps

Half needs to be higher on the list. No doubt about it

I think they shouldn't have killed Half-Sack. His character arc would have been awesome! I mean that balls on that guy, the way he put his life on the line to protect Clay and then finally to protect Jax's son.

He's one of my favorite characters. should be higher up

Half-Sack was the effing man. though he was called Hal-sack he had plenty of juevos. I was really shocked when he died, sometimes I even forgot he was a prospect, him along with the big hefty fellow that came after him are my two favorite members of samcro that were prospects.

16 Otto Delaney

The poor blind inmate who has done so many things for Samcro even when he can barely see and walk by himself. He has taken so many hits and are portrayed by the shows creator. - nonofyall

I love otto he should be #1. For the simple reason that he's practically blind and he killed at least 3 people while blind and bit his own tongue. He sacrificed the most out of all the characters and suffered and was still loyal to samcro and when he did give them up he fixed it almost immidietly

17 Herman Kozik

So hot character, I was in shock when he died out of a sudden
gotta love his argues with tigg though

18 Ratboy
19 Tara Knowles

Tara raised Abel as her own and loved Jax very deeply. She was a great doctor and helped the club significantly. She's tough, brave, and knew what was best for her family. Tara wanted to save her boys from the violence they were surrounded by. Sadly, Tara's end came far too soon.

Tara was the character most people identified with. When she died after the 6th season, many of the remaining characters were lost. The 7th season definitely lacked without her presence.

She is the best and lost the most

20 Lincoln Potter

He's such a weirdo and yet such a good character. Plus kinda hot

21 Agent June Stahl

A conniving bitch who descended further into darkness with each appearance. A truly multi-layered psychopath and a joy to watch.

22 Donna Winston
23 Piney Winston Piney Winston
24 Jimmy O'Phelan
25 Lyla Winston

Kind and compassionate. Antithesis of the violence and brutality emanating from SAMCRO.

26 Galen O'Shay
27 August Marks
28 Damon Pope
29 Laroy Wayne
30 Charlie Barosky
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