Top Ten Best Sopranos Characters

One of the greatest T.V. series ever made. Who are the top 10 best characters?

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1 Brendan Filone

Had the best story in season one and was the most useful plot device character as well as being executed the most memorable way.

Brendan Filone is shot clean through the eye, "Moe Greene Special" and it's the most powerfully climactic scene, coupled with the "All Through The Night" montage. Best death scene + he was my favorite character in the series run.

2 Matthew Bevilaqua

Amazing how Matt plots to take out Chris and flees the scene of the attempted assassination gone awry only to be tracked down by Pussy and Tony and riddled with bullets after begging for his life when tied to a chair! What an amazing character!

3 Sean Gismonte

Sean surprises Christopher, wazzup! Bang! Get that mo$&@&! *+ Seatbelt! The seatbelt was stuck and Chris retaliated, Sean dead with a bullet to the head and smoking glock in his hand as the car slides and crashes with Matt fleeing the scene and bullets riddled on the pavement. Amazing scene.

4 Tony Soprano

Of course he is. Maybe even the top character in T.V. history.
The show was so concentrated on him that this list should be Top 10 besides Tony. - Billyv

5 Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri
6 Christopher Moltisanti V 1 Comment
7 Corrado 'Junior' Soprano
8 Silvio Dante
9 Bobby Baccalieri
10 Livia Soprano

The Contenders

11 Adriana La Cerva
12 Dino Zerilli
13 Carmella Soprano
14 Ralph Cifaretto
15 Joe Peeps
16 Artie Bucco
17 Fat Dom Gamiello
18 Gerry Torciano
19 Jack Massarone
20 Furio Giunta
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1. Brendan Filone
2. Matthew Bevilaqua
3. Sean Gismonte
1. Tony Soprano
2. Christopher Moltisanti
3. Carmella Soprano
1. Tony Soprano
2. Christopher Moltisanti
3. Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri

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