Top Ten From Sorrow to Serenity Songs

Best songs from From Sorrow to Serenity's first album: Insane

The Top Ten From Sorrow to Serenity Songs

1 How to Live

A song written only by guitarist Jarrod Gentry about his friend who passed away. It's beautiful and couldn't be better. - Deejarrod1

2 Forget About Me

Anti bullying song written directly by the bassist Will Nial. Very powerful and a great final song on the album - Deejarrod1

3 Behind the Mask

Easily the catchiest song on the entire album, written by the entire band. Awesome guitar solo, and great chorus! - Deejarrod1

4 Let's Go

Are you ready motherf*ckers, are you ready? Let's go! Incredibly catchy and will be stuck in your head for days, this song is the set off to an awesome album! - Deejarrod1

5 Insane

A great head banging song with an "insanely" deep back story about a child being abused by a parent and how it's wrong. Should be # 1 or 2 on this list. - Deejarrod1

6 You're Stuck In Here With Me

Awesome intro, perfect solo, and hardcore breakdown, this tribute to the movie Watchmen is an amazing 7th song on the album! - Deejarrod1

7 Something
8 Until We Die

A religion song? With a guitar riff that gives me chills? Why is it so low? - Deejarrod1

9 Father Brother

Written by lead singer Zack Monroe about a family not there for someone, it's very touching and will easily send chills down your spine. - Deejarrod1

10 Losing Control

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11 Smooth
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