Top 10 Soul Eater Weapons


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1 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

The best one in the whole show - AnimeLover27

Deservers to be 1st because she has several weapon forms. - KilMii

2 Excalibur

Fool! No one will want to use him as a weapon! No one is worthy of him! He is not worthy of anyone! You can't fool me, fool!

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3 Soul Eater Evans Soul Eater Evans

Amazing. Works really well with Mama and has good attitude and personality!

Awesome personality to go with his weapon form

Best boi

4 Ragnarok

Awesome can heal wounds too and do scream

5 Justin Law

This guy is hilarious and strong! - KilMii

6 Spirit Albarn Spirit Albarn

Perverted drunk when not weapon best death sythe in world when weapon, almost capable destroying kishin!

7 Giriko

All I'm saying is he doesn't even need a meister!

8 Azusa Yumi

Amazing! Not mentioned enough!

9 Patricia Thompson

Her Liz and kid make the best team ever!

Why is she so low? Party's so funny and cute

10 Mira Nygus

Awesome, suttle weapon that works fantastically with sid

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