Top 10 Soul Eater Weapons


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1 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

The best one in the whole show - AnimeLover27

Deservers to be 1st because she has several weapon forms. - KilMii

2 Excalibur

Fool! No one will want to use him as a weapon! No one is worthy of him! He is not worthy of anyone! You can't fool me, fool!

V 1 Comment
3 Ragnarok

Awesome can heal wounds too and do scream

4 Soul Eater Evans Soul Eater Evans

Amazing. Works really well with Mama and has good attitude and personality!

Awesome personality to go with his weapon form

5 Justin Law

This guy is hilarious and strong! - KilMii

6 Spirit Albarn Spirit Albarn

Perverted drunk when not weapon best death sythe in world when weapon, almost capable destroying kishin!

7 Giriko V 1 Comment
8 Azusa Yumi

Amazing! Not mentioned enough!

9 Patricia Thompson

Her Liz and kid make the best team ever!

Why is she so low? Party's so funny and cute

10 Mira Nygus V 1 Comment
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