Best Soul Sacrifice Delta Archfiends

A list of the best Archfiends/bosses in Soul Sacrifice and Soul Sacrifice Delta.

The Top Ten

1 Cerberus

Completely badass. Suitably challenging, epic boss theme, great story, fast and powerful to constantly keep you on your toes and did I mention he has A SPEAR LODGED IN HIS CHEST! Represents everything good about Soul Sacrifice - Erikelelf

2 Red Riding Hood

Has one of the best stories, one of the coolest appearences and has 2 different forms. One focused on melee which reflects ranged attacks until you destroy his chains and one focused on ranged attacks, Intense battle sure to test your skills. - Erikelelf

3 Wyvern

Fast frantic fight that tests more than just power and has a great story. One of the most different Archfiends to me. - Erikelelf

4 Snow White Snow White Snow White is a fictional character from Disney's first ever film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves . She is Disney's first ever Disney Princess and is the only Disney Princess to have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame .

Love this fight because of how disturbing it is. Has one of the best Delta stories and a great twisted fairy tale theme. Made me cringe. - Erikelelf

5 Jack O Lantern

A very memorable first boss fight. Simple story but has a frantic fight that tests your reaction time and he just looks really really cool. - Erikelelf

6 Musicians Of Bremen

Seems to represent all that's weird to me which is why I like it. Very unique fight that can kill you very quickly if you don't know when to run for the hills when it starts jamming. - Erikelelf

7 Bahamut

Like Wyvern but more focused on direct combat. It can deal a lot of damage so carelessness often gets you killed. - Erikelelf

8 Abyssal Fiend

Feels like a lightning Godzilla to me that is very hard hitting. It's tail is very dangerous when it is charging. - Erikelelf

9 Valkyrie

Fast mobile battle that is very fun to take down. - Erikelelf

10 Iron Virgin

Has a lot of range with it's attacks so working as a team is often key to take this Archfiend down. - Erikelelf

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