Top Ten Best Sounds in Life


The Top Ten

1 Your favourite song

Hearing my favourite song is an orgasm for my ears. - Userguy44

Of course! Lol! - Astro_Boy08

Yes! I agree! - TheFourthWorld

Oh, how I love listening to Migraine.
I’m listening to it right now. - saturatedsunrise

2 Rain / thunderstorms
3 Birdsong
4 Horse hooves on cobbles
5 Church bells
6 The "Fsssss" when you open an ice-cold can or bottle of fizz

I find this sound funny always. It definitely belongs in the list - Userguy44

7 A loved one's voice
8 Wind in trees

In general, I just love the breeze kissing my face... - Arhaan95

9 Waves crashing on the beach
10 Child's laughter

The Contenders

11 The tapping of laptop keys
12 Owls Owls
13 Cat purring
14 Cheering arena
15 Cooing doves
16 Roots fiddle

Yes! Agree! Also saw that New Orleans Funeral Parade has yet to be approved for this list. I hope it appears. It can be cheerful, full of Jazz - not at all how one might imagine a typical funeral to be like. More funerals should celebrate the life of the deceased in this way. - Britgirl

John Hartford.

17 Puppy grunts

Aw...yes. Definitely a cute sound. - Britgirl

18 Marilyn Monroe's voice

Why is this twice in the list? - Userguy44

19 Frying catfish
20 Barrelhouse piano
21 Swing clarinet
22 Pinch harmonics
23 Seagulls
24 Marilyn Manson's voice

Turns me on.

25 Blues harmonica

When played properly, it's a such a beautiful sound. - Britgirl

26 Waterfall
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