Top 10 Most Memorable Sounds From Your Childhood

If you remember any of these sounds, you are a true 90s or 2000s kid.
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1 “Coming soon to own on video and DVD”

It used to play at the beginning of a lot of the movies I liked when I was little like Toy Story.

I remember watching this logo during the previews of cars on my DVD player back in 2009

The 2000s was a better time okay. Na I still hear this from time to time

YES! I love watching the trailers on older movies just for this!

2 20th Century Fox Music

Ahh watching movies like Rio and that theme playing, so theatrical. Especially when you had the TV turned up all the way, felt as if you were right in the theater

Yes I still can listen to it on our DVD Player. Wow I'm depressed now... I wish I was younger... I wish I never moved... I wish I stayed in Maryland!
- A TheTopTens lover

Too bad Disney took over.

I know this is still played on occasion, but still...

Definitely, Memories of this playing in the living room all the times!

3 THX Deep Note

I remember as a very young kid, I'd be scared if I was all alone watching TV and then the THX logo came on. But now I think it's cool.

Played at the beginning of movies like Finding Nemo. It was slightly scary but really nostalgic nonetheless.

Whenever we loaded up a Pixar movie, I cupped my hands over my ears knowing this was coming

I was terrified of it and thought I would die if I wasn't sitting down when it came on

4 PlayStation Start Up

I used to play Spyro all of the time, so this startup was a pretty big part in my early childhood as well.

This is the time where you have to beg to god, close your eyes, and hoping the game will loaded

Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy were my favorite games on the PS1. I miss playing them.

Personified Fear

5 Nickelodeon Jingle Nickelodeon is an American basic cable and satellite television network launched on December 1, 1977, and is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Networks and based in New York City.

Back when Nickelodeon was good

Ah yes back in Nickelodeon’s golden age

Nick, nick, nick, nick, na, nick, nick, nick Nickelodeon.

6 Super Mario Bros. Theme Song Super Mario Bros. Theme Song Product Image

Still a classic

It’s common knowledge

7 Star Wars Theme Star Wars Theme Cover Art

Most of the sounds I remember from my youth were before most things on your list.

Lol, used to watch the full movies free on youtube.

How can anyone not remember this?

I was a huge fan when I was a kid

8 Windows XP Startup Sound

To be honest, the sounds used to terrify me, but the Windows XP was the first computer OS I've ever used. My very first computer was a Windows XP, my first laptop was a Windows XP, and all of the school computers were on Windows XP up until around 2011.

Ah yes, I miss Windows XP. Windows 10 is stupid.

I used Windows XP up until late-mid 2016.

I miss Windows XP.

9 Pac Man Wakka Wakka Pac Man Wakka Wakka Product Image

Iconic sound only PacMan has it

10 Gamecube Logo

This is just wired in my memeory

Iconic opening

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11 Dreamworks Opening

Oh yeah, always seen this before movies.

Yeah I recognize this

*inhales nostalgia* Ahhhhh.(if you watch spirit stallion of the cimaron you'll see/hear this)

this is still on the first part of every dreamworks movie

12 PS2 Startup Sound

This and the RSOD both used to scare me when I was really little, but it was the first console I ever played.

The sound of "Playing all day in a sunny Sunday"

Still can hear it when I play a game on my PS2

13 Paramount Feature Presentation

This and any other logo-related sounds takes me back to when I was a "logo kid" in the late 2000s/early 2010s.

14 "Coming Soon to Theaters"

This was on most, if not all, of the Disney VHS's we had.

15 Wii U Menu Music

I think wii menu music is more appropriate here.

Ah yes... memories. Espically the wii sports resort music


16 You Wouldn't Steal a Car (Piracy Video)

The “Coming soon to own on video and DVD” listing reminded me of this. It was so creepy that it made us not wanna ever steal movies. It even still gives me the chills today probably because the sounds are still as scary as before and the nostalgic memory I have of it puts me a little on edge. Who feels me?

I just loved the background music

that scared me so much when I was younger

I always thought that the guy stealing stuff was kinda cute😚

17 Disney Channel Jingle

This was back in the golden age of Disney Channel

18 Nintendo DS Startup

The DS is the only console I've ever owned.

19 Lego Yoda Death Sound
20 Wii Sports Music

This game came with my Wii when I got it and it was really fun, though I liked Wii Sports Resort better.

I love this song. So happy, so upbeat, so nostalgic.

This should be number 1.

There’s some pretty catchy songs in this game

21 Boomerang Bumpers

Too bad Boomerang and Cartoon Network are overshadowed by Nickelodeon and Disney Channel nowadays.

This was my childhood, god I miss those days

The good old cartoons

22 Wii Menu Music

Yeah, the Wii menu music brings back a lot of memories.

I think it was the first console I ever had of my own.

Ah yes, the nostalgia's kicking in

I still have a wii

23 Arthur Intro

I like Arthur. It was one of my favorite shows during my childhood.

🎶every day when you're walking down the street🎶

24 Universal Theme

I remember this logo and the music when I was 2 years old and I also remember when it appeared in Tokyo drift and I can clearly hear the music in my brain

Nostalgia hit me hard

Very majestic theme

25 Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme
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