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1 Your Favorite Song

I can listen to Andy Lau songs for hours on end

Impossible to choose just one song as a favourite but a favourite genre of music playing is truly wonderful. - Britgirl

2 Fire Crackling

When I imagine this sound I just picture myself under a veranda sitting in front of an open fire with family. - Catlover2004

If you hear it in high intensity, though, you'd probably want to leg it - PositronWildhawk

Honestly I could listen to this for hours on end.

The fire makes you feel so relaxed as it crackles and comes you down andput you to sleep

3 Rain Pouring

It's pouring with rain as I write this. I have my bedroom window open so I can hear it better. It's a lovely sound: a cross between a log fire and bacon frying. - Britgirl

The best thing is falling asleep with rain pouring outside.

4 A Thunderstorm

Snow thunder is the best of the best!

This is the best sound! It is very calming - CinderpeltandCinderheart

5 A Piano Being Played
6 Waves Crashing on the Beach

Brings back so many good times

7 Thunder Crackling
8 Cat Purring

My Cat is so cute when she purrs it sounds so nice although she's 19 - OneWayStreet

9 Opening a Soda Can

It sounds so crisp and lovely.

10 Train Sound

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11 Tree Leaves In the Wind
12 Dawn Chorus
13 A Foreign Language
14 Beatles Songs
15 Windows 95 Startup Sound
16 Hum of a Ceiling Fan

I love that sound - JaketheCake8

17 Amy Lee's voice

Best voice ever I heard

18 Windows 7 Startup Sound
19 Gamecube Startup Sound

Haha who added this? That's amazing. - ParasN2000

20 Your Loved Ones Voice
21 Justin Bieber's Angelic Voice
22 Babies crying

Now that is just plane ✈️ annoying get it ya like that us because because we’re on the plane a plane seriously 😳 your child 👶 Had been crying like lately and then screaming for an hour like 24/7 In that case lately and all of that baby 👶 🍼 😭 nonsense have gotta stop and that
Means then I am like lately putting that to an end

23 Bruno Mars Singing
24 The Cash Register Sound

Ding ding *Cash register sounds* - Therandom

25 Ambient Music

Hmm. Definitely what you need to reduce all forms of stress. - PositronWildhawk

26 A Fart
27 Dial Up Modem Sound
28 Singing Birds
29 Michael Jackson Songs
30 News That Says That Truth
31 Typing
32 Burp Sound
33 Water Rolling Down a Stream
34 Classical Piano
35 Wind Blowing
36 Falling Rain
37 A 'G' Chord
38 A Basketball 'Swish'
39 Freddie Mercury's Voice
40 The Tardis Landing
41 Howling of Loons
42 Talking
43 Guns n' Roses Songs
44 Your Best Friend's Voice
45 Nirvana Songs
46 Ariana Grande's Voice and Laugh

�️She is the most beautiful human in the universe.

47 Wilhelm Scream
48 'The Price is Right' Losing Horn

The horn that plays when you fail at a game on 'The Price is Right'. It's funny to use when you want to humiliate others, but is also infinitely embarrassing when used on you. - SuperSonic17

49 Windows XP Startup Sound
50 Windows 2000 Startup Sound
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1. Fire Crackling
2. Your Favorite Song
3. A Piano Being Played
1. Singing Birds
2. Beatles Songs
3. Michael Jackson Songs
1. A Thunderstorm
2. Your Favorite Song
3. Rain Pouring


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