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1 Your Favorite Song

Impossible to choose just one song as a favourite but a favourite genre of music playing is truly wonderful. - Britgirl

2 Fire Crackling

When I imagine this sound I just picture myself under a veranda sitting in front of an open fire with family. - Catlover2004

If you hear it in high intensity, though, you'd probably want to leg it - PositronWildhawk

Honestly I could listen to this for hours on end.

The fire makes you feel so relaxed as it crackles and comes you down andput you to sleep

3 Rain Pouring

It's pouring with rain as I write this. I have my bedroom window open so I can hear it better. It's a lovely sound: a cross between a log fire and bacon frying. - Britgirl

The best thing is falling asleep with rain pouring outside.

4 A Thunderstorm

Snow thunder is the best of the best!

This is the best sound! It is very calming - CinderpeltandCinderheart

5 A Piano Being Played
6 Waves Crashing on the Beach

Brings back so many good times

7 Thunder Crackling
8 Cat Purring

My Cat is so cute when she purrs it sounds so nice although she's 19 - OneWayStreet

9 Opening a Soda Can

It sounds so crisp and lovely.

10 Train Sound

The Contenders

11 Dawn Chorus
12 Tree Leaves In the Wind
13 A Foreign Language
14 Beatles Songs
15 Hum of a Ceiling Fan

I love that sound - JaketheCake8

16 Amy Lee's voice

Best voice ever I heard

17 Windows 95 Startup Sound
18 Windows 7 Startup Sound
19 Gamecube Startup Sound

Haha who added this? That's amazing. - ParasN2000

20 Your Loved Ones Voice
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1. Fire Crackling
2. Your Favorite Song
3. A Piano Being Played
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1. A Thunderstorm
2. Your Favorite Song
3. Rain Pouring



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