Best Soundtracks from Cuphead

The Top Ten Best Soundtracks from Cuphead

1 Floral Fury

This is the best out of aloof them,because it reminds me of samba and the animation for this is the best too look up the remix video on Youtube made by Gloseworx it way better than any others

A fan favorite... And I can't say that I disagree - Spongehouse

2 Fiery Frolic

Another one of my personal favorite bosses to fight that has a beautiful soundtrack - Spongehouse

3 Admission to Perdition
4 Junkyard Jive

This soundtrack defiantly goes well with this boss battle - Spongehouse

5 King Dice's Theme
6 Murine Corps

Defiantly my favorite soundtrack, as well as one of my favorite bosses to fight in this whole game. The game cuphead has some of the best soundtrack in any game ever - Spongehouse

7 Aviary Action!

This and murine corps are tied for my favorite soundtrack - Spongehouse

8 The King's Court
9 Shootin n' Lootin

It's just a catchy tune in my opinion - Spongehouse

10 Carnival Kerfuffle

This one always makes me feel like dancing... And I'm not much of a dancer - Spongehouse

Ok but why the hell isn't this higher up - WingedOracle

The Contenders

11 Sugarland Shimmy
12 Threatenin' Zeppelin

Love the beginning, though the whole track is good - Spongehouse

13 Winner Takes All
14 Railroad Wrath

Perfect music for a train boss - Spongehouse

Two words... choo choo

15 Cheif Evil Officer
16 Ruse of an Ooze
17 Dramatic Fanatic
18 High Seas Hi-Jinx
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