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1 Warheads Warheads Product Image

Sour war heads were said to be the worlds most sour candy throughout different countries as well as the USA. You should change what you think in this because this is not the correct answer. So in a way your lying to everyone. Please fix what you said. Thank you.

I will give you three reactions from a great year at camp:

Sister: puts it in and after a split second spots it out.

Me: got almost a burn on my mouth...

Patrick: Actually ate it.

My god there should be nothing coming close to this god foresaken "candy". I swear they are bathed in I ripe Leon's and likes until they start to pucker themselves...

I like sour stuff but I didn't like these because they are too sour. Toxic Wastes are not that bad. I like those.

2 Sour Patch Kids Sour Patch Kids Product Image

They're a great-tasting candy but to be honest, toxic waste is a lot more sour.

Sour patch kids give me a little kick but they don't top sour skittles

Nice and sour but not too overpowering like warheads. perfect

They are very sour and good

3 Toxic Waste Candy Toxic Waste Candy Product Image

Are these in the sweet shops that sells imports? I saw Oreo Cereal in there I hope they start selling it supermarkets.

I did the toxic waste challenge and I couldn't feel my tounge for a week! I do not recommend eating these at once. Though they are good

The BEST! So sour! The watermelon was the sourest every body has to try

This should be #1 after all, it is the first hazardous sour candy.

4 Sour Skittles Sour Skittles Product Image

They are not actually very sour (either that or I have just gotten used to it) but they are really good. Normal skittles are not good enough

The total of the votes add up to 101 adding up all of the answers.

Love these guys, but sour keys are better

IT is good and you can't say no

5 Shock Tarts

They actually became Sweetarts Chewy Sours now.

6 Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Product Image

EWW so gross but I buy them and eat them still

I love gummy worms

7 Sour Power Belts Sour Power Belts Product Image
8 Starburst Sours Starburst Sours Product Image
9 Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum Cry Baby Extra Sour Bubble Gum Product Image

Its really sour

better than all the crap

Best Sour candy EVARRR

10 Sour Jolly Ranchers Sour Jolly Ranchers Product Image
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11 Sour Juicy Drop Sour Juicy Drop Product Image
12 Sour Punch Straws Sour Punch Straws Product Image

these aren't even sour

13 AirHeads Xtremes AirHeads Xtremes Product Image

Not at all sour. Just tasted very sweet

14 Sour Pixie Sticks Sour Pixie Sticks Product Image
15 Barnetts Mega Sour Lollies Barnetts Mega Sour Lollies Product Image

I haven't found anything more insanely sour than this. Don't even mention toxic waste or warheads in the same sentence as Barnett's as it ain't even close.

Yep these lollipops and there mega sour sweets are by far the most sour sweets I have ever tasted amazing work by barnetts.

They are even more sour then nuclear waste

16 Sour Punch Bites Sour Punch Bites Product Image
17 Brain Blasterz Brain Blasterz Product Image

One of the most sour candies I have tasted in my life

18 Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars

banned because there really that sour

SUPER SOUR Gosh why did I try it?
By Kiki

19 Haribo Tangfastics Haribo Tangfastics Product Image
20 Tear Jerkers Tear Jerkers Product Image

Really do jerk tears

21 Sour Jacks Sour Jacks Product Image
22 LifeSavers Gummies Sour LifeSavers Gummies Sour Product Image
23 Black Death Mega Sours

Black death not really sours!

24 Smog Balls Smog Balls Product Image

It is so sour that I almost puked it up

should be with toxic waste

25 Lemonhead Lemonhead Product Image

these are sour right?

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