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Simply the rapper in Africa supa mega is the guy

He is the next Tupac AKA can do whatever he is the real rapper

Listen to the song composure and baddest.

I agree - coryrevv

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I disagree with this rapper's concept of music for me he sucks

The gifted one

Boss kimang Cassper boss ki many Cassper

The rapper that has opened doors for SA. He is one of the few reasons international fans set eyes and hears on SA hip hop. Before L-tido, AKA, Cassper Nyovest, Reason, Khuli Chana, K.O & all started here - Aliwal

3 Cassper Nyovest

The Best hip hop act in Africa

This dude should be in the top 3 this dude makes sense

The person who makes history of hip hop every year

The best of the bests

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I mean, this guy is unbelievable. You can feature him in any song and he will kill. This guy really deserve to be in the top ten. He is really good.

Because he's a hyena...he spits real good. And he deserves 1st position. And he is creative, just listen to his knew song...he deserves 1ST POSITION!

Are all of you mad, why is he not number one? Like haven't you heard said and allow? Some people need sense in this life.

He is the boss at this time around.. well done kid

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5 Khuli Chana

Khuli is the best

King of motswako should be number 1

6 Ben Sharpa

Best of the best

Ey Ben who are you again

7 Hymphatic Thabs

The Most Underrated Real MC to come outta Lesotho.

8 iFani

By the 13 year old boy

Best xhosa rapper of all time

Hayi ba ya kudelela number 6

9 Proverb

Laugh out loud l-tido is an american trapped in south-africa, if you really want to hear rap listen to heartbeat by proverb

Number 1 for me

10 K.O.

I'm all the way north from S.A.. Kenya.. This guy though.. No idea what you say.. your language doesn't matter I understand your hip hop.. Big K. O

Think is the best in Africa, S.A and should also be best in the U.S.A

Caracara awesome nice song for a comeback we messed you boi

KO should be in the top 3

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? The Big Hash

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11 Pitch Black Afro
12 A-Reece

A-Reece really great should be in the top 3

The dude doesn't have many songs but so far his songs are dope

Come on guys this guy deserves to be in the top 5...13 year old boy

A-Reece be on number 1 he's a real rapper for real

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13 Kwesta

He's been on the game, everyone relates to his raps still going on..

He won most guttiest rapper in the world, johannesburg has got new wordsmith

This guy makes a lot of sense

Greatest authentic rapper of all time

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14 Hishaam

One the best lyricists in the country

15 L-Tido

Dude is best can;t b compared with proverb

16 Maggz


17 YoungstaCPT

He is the best rapper there ever was!

Lyrically Insane... No Doubt About That...

He is better than all the rappers on this list
The best

Lyrically the best in mzanzi
Totally underrated

18 Da Les

He is simply the best

19 Pro Kid


20 Maggs

I think maggs deserves to be the top 5

21 Okmalumkoolkat

Guys come on I mean this guy is really dope and he was able to change the why did they put him on the number 19 list?

I think the only reason Malum is ranked this low is that fans are afraid of hearing new sounds,sounds they've never heard before.He should be top of the list..I mean...

22 Ma-E

Ganda u the best

UMa-E usevibini...he is the best

Ma e is best osh

23 Sanele
24 Yanga

AkA's click,he should be in Top 5

25 Zakwe

Zakwe has a raw talent he should be on top 5

26 Reason

Lyrically.. Reason is the best rapper in S.A. Then comes Tumi and Proverb

Yoh this list is probably done by someone who thinks 20 is 8 and 1 is 4

27 Anatii

I guess this makes anatii our most underrated rapper? he is a class act that should be in the top five

28 Shane eagle

The guy is the best he should be in the top five

29 Kid X

The pass and special hit maker should be in the top the 13 year old boy

I don't know what to say shame. Please do us a favour neh and hire me to make a list. because this one clearly shows you aren't serious about your job hit me up on luthandosbulumk on Facebook and

30 Kidio

Kidio! the very best dude eKapa... Boy, I salute you. You the best...Vura

31 Soska
32 Chad Da Don
33 K-Solo
34 Yolandi Visser
35 Red Button
36 Zulu Boy

I am Malawian but can assure you Zulu boy and HHP are the best rappers in your country

37 AB Crazy

Most underrated rapper in SA

38 Psyfo
39 Pro
40 Stoan
41 Gingerbread Man
42 Blaklez
43 Stilo Magolide

Stilo 22 you must think that this is you Day Off

44 Chankura
45 Young Mecca
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