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Award winning artist, very talented Coloured bro... authentic rapper

Simply the rapper in Africa supa mega is the guy

He is the next Tupac AKA can do whatever he is the real rapper

He is lyrically good and entertaining, ain't childish to respond to every diss track against him.


I disagree with this rapper's concept of music for me he sucks

May his soul Rest In Peace

He was the outlier, the best, the paver

The gifted one


His flow is just on another level. He is so unique from all this rapper worldwide. I bet he is ranking on the first position.

He's an inspiration
Gets opportunities to rap with international rappers
Building a future of his own around the world

Greatest of all time lyrically gifted
He can deliver
Plays very well with words I look up to this guy who can mix rap with trap better than he does

Mssg by pillar

Seriously should this even be a vote Nasty c is the best rapper in Africa and he is one of the best rappers in the world. I can assure he is better than all those 8 week mumble rappers. Nasty C has the world moving to his tune and that is one of the best tunes to move to.

4 Khuli Chana

Khuli is the best

King of motswako should be number 1

5 Cassper Nyovest

Cassper is t the guy that can make sense to the industry AKA is more a singer

He is the best his music to other rappers and compare his Music downloads with other rappers...clearly Cassper nyovest deserves to be number 1

The Best hip hop act in Africa

This dude should be in the top 3 this dude makes sense

6 A-Reece

As far as word play goes and making music that lasts he is the king

A Reece has been coming out hard all the way with hot music that actually brings meaning to the rap game,I mean he's big!

AREECE is not tupac or biggie... Areece is areece. He is the best version of himself and s the best version of SA

He is my best SA rapper and his music is different, he's got his own style

7 Ben Sharpa

Best of the best

Can't believe he's gone. RIP legend

Ey Ben who are you again

8 Hymphatic Thabs

The Most Underrated Real MC to come outta Lesotho.

9 iFani

By the 13 year old boy

Best xhosa rapper of all time

Hayi ba ya kudelela number 6

10 Proverb

Laugh out loud l-tido is an american trapped in south-africa, if you really want to hear rap listen to heartbeat by proverb

Fact: Proverb is the best lyricist in Africa

Number 1 for me

Best Rapper since 2005

The Newcomers

? Watkin Tudor Jones

The Contenders

11 Pitch Black Afro
12 K.O.

I'm all the way north from S.A.. Kenya.. This guy though.. No idea what you say.. your language doesn't matter I understand your hip hop.. Big K. O

Think is the best in Africa, S.A and should also be best in the U.S.A

Caracara awesome nice song for a comeback we messed you boi

He is the best

13 Kwesta

He's been on the game, everyone relates to his raps still going on..

He won most guttiest rapper in the world, johannesburg has got new wordsmith

This guy makes a lot of sense

He suppose to be number 1

14 Hishaam

One the best lyricists in the country

15 YoungstaCPT

Fantastic lyrics. Represents Cape Town and South Africa well!

Hands down my favourite, followed by Shane Eagle. I'm all for the truth he speaks in his music. He doesn't hide anything away and tells it like it is. I've been listening to him since the age of 14 (now 18) and he has influenced my life, for real. Although his music is for a certain group of people, he's moulded me into the person I am, alongside my family of course. I'm glad I listen to him! He deserves to be praised more in this industry. He does a lot for the Cape and although I don't live that side, I still relate to his music as a Joburger and a young girl who's just trying to make a name for myself in the world. With his music, I motivate myself to do what I want and push myself harder, for myself and for my race, to show them that anything u put your mind and effort to is Possible, like Youngsta CPT showed me. I'm no longer afraid to really show who I am, what I'm all about, and he's really made me into a tougher young lady who's not afraid to be and do Me, and for that I thank ...more

Reppin his people, speaking his truth, 100% real and raw. One of the very best in Africa if not South Africa.

Best lyricist rapper,content big, impact shines people,number 1 best rapper in africa no one is on his level he is so talented please someone put him on sway you will watch a movie

16 Emtee

He's music is relatable
He brought an unexpected sound in the game
To me he deserves to be in the top5 maybe not number1 but he should be in the top5

For me Emtee is my number 1

He's a hustler

He deserves to be number 1 he keeps it 100

17 L-Tido

Dude is best can;t b compared with proverb

18 Maggz

Maggz is de best must get reward


19 Shane eagle

Deep insightful barz, more than a rapper should be top 5 for sure

This guy should be in top 5
If not 3

The guy is the best he should be in the top five

He should be number 3

20 Okmalumkoolkat

Guys come on I mean this guy is really dope and he was able to change the why did they put him on the number 19 list?

He deserve to be at top 5

Number one rapper

Come on guys with his lines. this guy is the best
no other rapper can do what he can do

21 Pro Kid

Legend lives. Rip, Pro


Yessses the compiler of this list is not okay.. yini iAmnesia? Come on... the PRO STAYS ON TOP...
Or else "nizoHead-a amaBullet ay'2 nishaye umhlaba ngeChest trap"

22 Da Les

He is simply the best

He good

23 Kid Tini

Delivery on point, flow godly, barz uncommon best up and coming.

Kid tini is the best in the game but people are not aware of him maybe because he is still new and he deserves to be on top 3


24 Zakwe

Zakwe has a raw talent he should be on top 5

Zakwe should surely be on the top 5

Yes Zakwe is the best I agree

Zakwe should be on top 5

25 Maggs

I think maggs deserves to be the top 5

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