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61 Dhanush Dhanush

Dhanush should be in top 10,he is just amazing,

His voice was very energetic

Dhanush anna voice semma

He is the guy who always can sing sentiment songs,romantic songs and rocking songs
His song make us do dance and sentiment...

62 TA Mothi

Not many songs are known today but a great singer

63 Haricharan Seshadri

Wow hari you rock in every songs..

64 Arijit Singh Arijit Singh Arijit Singh is an Indian playback singer and music programmer from West Bengal who sings Bengali and Hindi songs.

My favorite singer arijit singh

My day starts with your song arjith sir. Such a solefull voice u have we r looking for mire good songs from your suoerb voice...

65 Rahul Nambiar
66 Kalabhavan Mani

Great singer who was able to inspire and connect the Youth with traditional folk songs..

67 N. C. Karunya

Best at traditional and folk songs, can even modulate his voice to modern rap beats also

V 1 Comment
68 Benny Dayal V 1 Comment
69 Sudeep Kumar

His voice is just like the great Yesudas

70 Sonia Sharma

The best upcoming voice

71 Pooja Vaidyanathan
72 Seergali Govindarajan

Probably he is number 1 followed by TMS just above Mohammed Rafi and above Jesudoss. check the range

73 Shruti Haasan Shruti Haasan Shruti Haasan is an Indian film actress and singer who works predominantly in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi language films.

Shruti Haasan is Have Talented in Heroine,Singer,i love her voice in kannazhaga Song

Really shruthi hassan only can sing all types of songs
Especially don't you mess with me song was really superbb..

74 Kruthi Bhat
75 Bombay Jayashri V 1 Comment
76 Kumar Ranjan
77 Sumanth
78 Harish Raghavendra V 2 Comments
79 Arunmozhi
80 Trichy Loganathan

A matchless Tamil singer. Many hits are still popular.

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