South Park Boy and Girl Couples

This is a list without any Yaois. Don't add Style, Creek, Kyman, or any Yaois on the list.

The Top Ten

1 Stendy (Stan/Wendy) Stendy (Stan/Wendy)

Stendy is so cute. You thought Cartman deserves Wendy? Well this is a classic pairing of South Park I always ship. Don't make Candy higher than this. Candy sucks. Stendy Wins!

This pairing is so cute! I love Stendy!

I love this pairing. - asantalo

2 Kybe (Kyle/Bebe)
3 Tochole (Token/Nichole)
4 Candy (Cartman/Wendy)

I'm not a big fan of this pairing.

STOP VOTING FOR THIS CRAP! This pairing sucks. Stendy is a much more cuter, classic, canon, and original pairing of South Park. So NO MORE CANDY! Candy sucks. - asantalo

5 Kybecca (Kyle/Rebecca Cotswolds)
6 Kenly (Kenny/Kelly)

My favorite character gets a girlfriend. How cute!

7 Catty (Cartman/Patty Nelson)
8 Heiman (Cartman/Heidi Turner)

Put this higher than Candy. Cartman gets a real Girlfriend this time. - asantalo

Better than Candy.

9 Butarlotte (Butters/Charlotte)
10 Clybe (Clyde/Bebe)

The Contenders

11 Grendy (Gregory/Wendy)

Gregory is pure evil! - asantalo

12 Betters (Bebe/Butters)
13 Revin (Red/Kevin Stoley)
14 Tannie (Timmy/Annie Faulk)
15 Bed (Butters/Red)
16 Kebe (Kenny/Bebe)
17 Mimsetta (Mimsy/Henrietta)

Kdkjegfakwejkwjecb I'm like the only one that ships them but let the tall boy have his big titty goth girlfriend hhh

18 Neslie (Nathan/Leslie)

These two are so overlooked but UGH best evil duo!

19 Nutters (Nelly/Butters)

The screentime they got in 'Wieners Out! ' really showed a good contrast between the two! I hate Butters but they'd be cute ngl

20 Lenny (Lizzy/Kenny)

They both have hoods and probably spend their freetime watching hentai. It's a match made in heaven.

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1. Stendy (Stan/Wendy)
2. Kybe (Kyle/Bebe)
3. Tochole (Token/Nichole)
1. Stendy (Stan/Wendy)
2. Kybe (Kyle/Bebe)
3. Tochole (Token/Nichole)


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