Top 10 South Park Episodes With Butters In Them

These are the top 10 South Park episodes with Butters in them. The positions are based on how important Butters is to the episode and how funny Butters is in the episode.

The Top Ten South Park Episodes With Butters In Them

Butters' Very Own Episode

This was a great episode! - OneWayStreet

I love it great episode - OneWayStreet

List Creator: Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honourable mentions: 'Marjorine', 'Sarcastaball', 'Freak Strike', 'Casa Bonita', 'Canada On Strike', 'Imaginationland 1-3'. number 1 - Butters' Very Own Episode from season 5 was the first episode all about Butters, one of the most loved South Park characters. It's HIS episode, of course it's number 1. There's not much else I can say; you know how great the episode is - Luke72New

Butters' Bottom Bitch

List Creator: No.3 - Seeing Butters, the most innocent character in South Park become a successful pimp in Butters' Bottom Bitch was hilarious of course. Butters is shown again as a good leader and the nicest pimp around. - Luke72New

Bitch Wanna Make Some Motherf****** Money Was A Very Funny Line From Butters In This Episode

Professor Chaos

List Creator: No.2 - Professor Chaos introduced us to Butters' dark, evil alter-ego Professor Chaos in a 2 parter which lead to 'Simpsons Already Did It' while Butters tried to destroy the world. Professor Chaos makes several appearances, but none more important than the self titled Professor Chaos. - Luke72New

I love all of these episodes - OneWayStreet

Going Native

List Creator: No.4: Seeing Butters getting genuinely pissed off was brilliant. We saw it in Butterballs, but here butters serves the truth and beats Cartman in an argument - and that's just the first scene. Butters was great as a native Hawaiian and this episode was just decent. - Luke72New


List Creator: No.7 Hey there did you hear about his robot friend? Awesome-O Makes a typical Cartman - Butters focused episode, where Cartman tricks Butters but gets what he deserves in the end. This episode is an all round classic, so it had to make the list. - Luke72New

The Last Of The Meheecans

List Creator: No.5 - No episode shows butters as a leader better than The Last Of The Meheecans, and in doing so makes Kyle eat his words. Butters made a brilliant Mexican and I love butters as a power figure of freedom for the Mexicans. The final scene says it all. - Luke72New

The Ungroundable

List Creator: No.6 - Another transformation for Butters is becoming a vampire in The Ungroundable, which butters takes literally. Butters was hilarious in this episode like usual per se, enough said. - Luke72New

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

List Creator: No.8 - Once again Butters is getting picked on. But in Butterballs, it happens to be his own grandma. Butters gets the best lines right at the end of the episode and once again comes out on top. Another good Butters episode. - Luke72New

The Contenders

The Tale Of Scrotie McBoogerballs

List Creator: No.9 - When the guys trick Butters into taking the fall for them, it backfires and we loved it in The Tale Of Scrotie McBoogerballs. Unfortunately it ends badly for Butters, but seeing him as a school hero makes for a quality episode. - Luke72New

Cartman Sucks

List Creator: No.10 - Butters' ability to be completely fine while everyone is out is shown perfectly in Cartman Sucks. Cartman ignorantly gets Butters sent to a 'Pray the gay away' camp, but butters leaves a positive impact at the end of a good South Park episode. Thanks for reading and voting for this list. - Luke72New

Canada on Strike

He said What What, in the Butt. - Puga

Good Times With Weapons
Grounded Vindaloop
Where My Country Gone?
The Simpsons Already Did It
City Sushi
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