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South Park is a T.V. series that was created in 1997 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone on Comedy Central. Due to the high number of males in the series, many fanfiction writers in the fandom tend to age the characters and pair them up together as yaoi couples. A few heterosexual and yuri couples are popular as well but not at much. This list will take all the couples from the "South Park Fanon Wiki" operated by JVM and allow you to vote who is the best. As of the first posting, the pairings are organized by the placement on the mentioned wiki's homepage. This will be eventually be followed by all other child pairings, child-adult pairings, and then adult pairings pending the list approval. If this has changed, it means that it has been voted on by someone.

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1 Stendy (Stan/Wendy

Best couple ever. Other than Candy. Cause Cartman hates Wendy. Wendy loves Stan more than Cartman. This is more cuter than Candy.

This is the pairing that should be number 1.

So beautiful my favorite ship is number 1


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2 Creek (Craig/Tweek)

They just work unlike cartman his pairing don't work

Their Fractured but Hole ultimate is a thing of beauty. So beautiful that it would also turn Donald Trump gay!

I love seeing them together. It makes my heart melt.

I'm not your friend buddy

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3 Kybe (Kyle/Bebe) V 1 Comment
4 Kelley (Kenny/Kelly)

She saved him from death. It's love


5 Clybe (Clyde/Bebe)
6 Tochole (Token/Nicole)
7 Kybecca (Kyle/Rebecca Cotswolds)

It's adorable. I want Rebecca to do a come back and be kyles girlfriend so bad 😭 ((And to leave mark out of it)) at least I hope Kyle gets somebody soon ❤️))

8 Heiman (Cartman/Heidi Turner)

Better than Candy. This is more canon than Candy now.

Thank god for this pairing. We don't need Wendy to be Cartman's girlfriend at all. Heidi is a better girl for Cartman. Though Stendy is more cuter. - asantalo

9 Kyman (Cartman/Kyle)

They are gayer than tweek and Craig honestly

I watch this show only for them to be honest

It's so obvious and adorable

Kymans canon so

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10 Style (Stan/Kyle)

FOR THE LAST TIME! They are not gay! It's only a fan theory. In the show, they're just friends (more like close brothers).

Great couple, They have a lot in common. They agree on almost everything and have the same personality. Style should really be a couple.

The Contenders

11 Catty (Cartman/Patty Nelson)

This pairing has so much potential. They can reintroduce Patty and make her a female parallel to Cartman.

12 Candy (Cartman/Wendy)

Not a big fan of this pairing.

I'm sorry, but this is not a good pairing at all. Stendy is more cuter than this. Trey and Matt are not making Candy anymore - asantalo

They both have more things in common with each other than Stendy, they are the only kids that have killed people(Also Ambition, Passion, Bad Temperament, Mental Health, Manipulative Skill}, and it's not a boring couple. They also have kissed on the lips before, unlike Stan and Wendy.

Best pairing ever Cartman and Wendy look right for each other. they both have more in common than Stendy. they have a story of how there fealing for each other started unlike stendy. I feal like there a pairing you could watch for hours and not get board. Cartman and Heidi look like a more depresing couple. Stan and Wendy look like a forced couple but Candy looks perfect.

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13 Butarlotte (Butters/Charlotte)
14 Bunny (Cartman/Butters)

Wait, what? bunny is kenny and butters, why is cartman involved?

15 Dip (Damian/Pip)
16 Tenny (Kenny/Tammy Warner)
17 ManBearButt (ManBearPig/Scuzzlebutt)

™�♥♥ They have to be together ♥♥♥ - RayStar

18 K2 (Kenny/Kyle)

I do like K2 quite a bit, though I heavily prefer Creek.

Best pairing

19 Jimed (Jimbo Kern/Ned Gerblansky)
20 Bendy (Wendy/Bebe)
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1. Stendy (Stan/Wendy
2. Kelley (Kenny/Kelly)
3. Kybe (Kyle/Bebe)
1. Stendy (Stan/Wendy
2. Clybe (Clyde/Bebe)
3. Creek (Craig/Tweek)
1. Style (Stan/Kyle)
2. Bunny (Cartman/Butters)
3. ManBearButt (ManBearPig/Scuzzlebutt)



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