Top 10 South Park Fandom Couples

South Park is a T.V. series that was created in 1997 by Trey Parker and Matt Stone on Comedy Central. Due to the high number of males in the series, many fanfiction writers in the fandom tend to age the characters and pair them up together as yaoi couples. A few heterosexual and yuri couples are popular as well but not at much. This list will take all the couples from the "South Park Fanon Wiki" operated by JVM and allow you to vote who is the best. As of the first posting, the pairings are organized by the placement on the mentioned wiki's homepage. This will be eventually be followed by all other child pairings, child-adult pairings, and then adult pairings pending the list approval. If this has changed, it means that it has been voted on by someone.

The Top Ten South Park Fandom Couples

1 Creek (Craig/Tweek)

Best ship has amazing fanfics and great fanart love the gay stuff

The fandom ruined this pairing for me, and attacked me, just because my headcanons for the characters weren't what was popular for them.

It’s amazing! The ship I never knew I needed. It makes South Park just so much more complete and interesting.

They just work unlike cartman his pairing don't work

2 Stendy (Stan/Wendy)

Personally not a fan of this pairing. It sorta, works in the first couple of seasons but nothing past that. In modern seasons, Wendy's a overdramatic feminist and they always argue over. They just don't seem interested in each other, and not to mention the constant breaking up/ getting back together stuff. It's kinda redundant and hard to like in my opinion. - OnlyInDreams

Stan and Wendy are just perfect! Sure Stan gets sick whenever he's around her, but I feel the love between them.

I'll explain my reason why this should be number 1: So, basically, they are a couple, it's the biggest canon couple in South Park history. It's classic, male x female love, they have been dating longer than anyone else (I mean sure they've been off, but they know best that they care for each other a lot), they both hate Cartman, and it's cutter than how they were with other guys or girls. So yeah, Stendy is better than Candy (that one is the worst). So bottom line, Stendy truly is canon, and it's sweeter, and it makes a lot more sense. - asantalo

Only true fans will understand why we think this couple is so great. Sure they have their differences, but in the end they still care deeply for one another.

3 Kybe (Kyle/Bebe)

Love it

4 Style (Stan/Kyle)

They are not officially said to be (canon) gay, nor is their ship. But let's remember that this vote is for fans and honestly don't be hesitant to vote for the couple you like just because they aren't canon or such.

I am voting for Style because I like the chemistry between them and their friendship and understanding, which makes me feel like they would be the most dynamic ship together. (I love Creek, but Creek is such a smooth ship that I really cannot love it all the time; Meanwhile, Style is pretty damn angsty yet can still be fluffy, it doesn't always go nice and all and that attracted me in a different way than Creek)

Stan and Kyle are perfect for each other. They are sbfs, but they should be even more than that.

I know that I'll get a lot of dislikes but I JUST HATE THIS SHIP SO MUCH! This is just my NOTP. Stan only said that he loved Kyle because he was DRUNK! And everyone decides to ship them because of that. also Stan and Kyle are both straight and Wendy never stole Stan from Kyle. Err I just wish that Stendy and Kydi or K2 were more popular. Also I'm not a homophobe.

Great couple, They have a lot in common. They agree on almost everything and have the same personality. Style should really be a couple.

5 Kelley (Kenny/Kelly)

She saved him from death. It's love


6 Clybe (Clyde/Bebe)

Should be above kybe.

7 Tochole (Token/Nicole)
8 Kybecca (Kyle/Rebecca Cotswolds)

This is my all time favorite ship. I love them so much and since Kyle is my favorite character in the whole series, I love how happy Kyle is with Rebecca. I just wish Rebecca became Kyle's girlfriend :"(
I really hope Kyle will find his soulmate though.

It's adorable. I want Rebecca to do a come back and be kyles girlfriend so bad 😭 ((And to leave mark out of it)) at least I hope Kyle gets somebody soon ❤️))

9 Heiman (Cartman/Heidi Turner)

Better than Candy. This is more canon than Candy now.

Thank god for this pairing. We don't need Wendy to be Cartman's girlfriend at all. Heidi is a better girl for Cartman. Though Stendy is more cuter. - asantalo

Even though I kind of like Standy more than the Heiman ship, this would be much More better than Candy, where the ship is with Cartman and Wendy. That is one of the worst, if not, the worst in other people’s opinions. I still remember most episodes in series 21, and one of my most favourites is the one where Cartman and Heidi went back together, with Heidi much more fatter and rude. Cartman is one of my most hated characters because of his racism, but this ship turned my opinion all around!

10 Kyman (Cartman/Kyle)

This is my number 1 ship in the entire show! I watch South Park
Literally just for this ship.

They are gayer than tweek and Craig honestly

I watch this show only for them to be honest

It was kinda hard choosing, but I suppose Kyman will do.

The Contenders

11 Catty (Cartman/Patty Nelson)

This pairing has so much potential. They can reintroduce Patty and make her a female parallel to Cartman.

12 Crenny (Craig/Kenny)

I didn't hear about this ship until now but when I think about it it's a good ship

They hang out so much together in canon. I can see their friendship growing so easily into something more because of how well their personalities work together

I love everything about this pairing. People often over look it and give it a bad rep because they don't want give it a chance.

Their personalities could pretty much clash together really well!

13 Butarlotte (Butters/Charlotte)

They are a canon couple

14 Bunny (Cartman/Butters)

To be honest this is my favorite ship and I love it more than creek.

Kenny and butters are a perfect pair and way better than creek 'nough said.

Ummm bunny is kenny and butters :/

Should be higher on the list.

15 Dip (Damian/Pip)

It's a common yet over looked ship, honestly I find it very cute and I believe that it works. It may seem pretty normal, demon x human ships happen a lot but this one adds a little more character. I love this ship a lot and I believe you might to if you give it a chance.

16 Tenny (Kenny/Tammy Warner)
17 CartCart (Cartman's love of himself)

The only true ship in this entire show

This ship is ace, 5 stars


18 ManBearButt (ManBearPig/Scuzzlebutt)

No...way - Yona_db

™�♥♥ They have to be together ♥♥♥ - RayStar

19 Jimed (Jimbo Kern/Ned Gerblansky)

The only dominant ship

20 K2 (Kenny/Kyle)

I do like K2 quite a bit, though I heavily prefer Creek.

Best pairing

I love them sm :,)

Orange boyz

21 Bendy (Wendy/Bebe)

Even though I prefer Stan x Wendy and Clyde x Bebe, this ship is sorta cute.

22 Kendy (Kenny/Wendy)
23 Stenny (Stan/Kenny)

Such a pairing is so cute

24 Stolovan (Clyde/Kevin Stoley)
25 Betters (Bebe/Butters)
26 Cryde (Craig/Clyde)

This (in my opinion) is better than Creek because these two actually hang out and are best friends rather than Creek being shipped because Craig and Tweek have opposite personalities

27 Kyndy (Kyle/Wendy)

Wendy has more in common with Kyle than Stan and especially Cartman!

28 Tim-Jim (Timmy/Jimmy)

I really liked this ship even though most people find them as only friends of that it is forced. I find these characters interactions entertaining and cute. There is actually very few fanarts and fanfictions with this ship.

29 Bratters (Bradley/Butters)
30 Kebe (Kenny/Bebe)

Blondes belong together, what else can I say.

31 Kenman (Cartman/Kenny)
32 Revin (Red/Kevin Stoley)

love them

33 Stanman (Cartman/Stan)
34 Twenny (Kenny/Tweek)

Honestly. I like the idea of two people coming together because of their clear differences. Kenny being perverted and poor, While Tweek is always on some type of drug with really bad anxiety issues. This and Creek are my favorites

Twenny has the potential to be such a cute ship!

35 Garrislave (Mr. Garrison/Mr. Slave)
36 Terrillip (Terrance & Phillip)
37 Cutters (Cartman/Butters)
38 Chip (Christophe/Pip)
39 McDanbrady (Mayor McDaniels/Officer Barbrady)
40 Shibblet (Nibblet/Shoe)
41 Candy (Cartman/Wendy)

This is by far the worst South Park couple ever. They really hate each other. I'm so glad that this fandom (Candy only) is dying down, and redirecting to Stendy. THANK GOD! Cause really Candy is just fandom, and it won't be canon at all. - asantalo

Not a big fan of this pairing.

I'm sorry, but this is not a good pairing at all. Stendy is more cuter than this. Trey and Matt are not making Candy anymore - asantalo

They both have more things in common with each other than Stendy, they are the only kids that have killed people(Also Ambition, Passion, Bad Temperament, Mental Health, Manipulative Skill}, and it's not a boring couple. They also have kissed on the lips before, unlike Stan and Wendy.

42 Bribe (Briden Guermo/Bebe)
43 Cendy (Craig/Wendy)
44 Cravin (Craig/Kevin Stoley)
45 Cryle (Craig/Kyle)

It makes sense since they are opposites. Craig is manly, macho, calm, and edgy while Kyle is girly, sweet, emotional, and bubbly. Kyle is beauty where as Craig is his beast.

I love this ship. I mean, Damien x Kyle (Dyle) is my number 1 favorite but I can't find it and since Cryle is my second favorite I vote for this one.

46 Grestophe (Gregory/Christophe)
47 Kevlly (Kevin McCormick/Shelly Marsh)
48 Lolutters (Butters/Lola)
49 Stabe (Stan/Bebe)
50 Staig (Stan/Craig)
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