Top Ten Best South Park Fractured but Whole Characters

Characters from the new south park video game: south park fractured but whole
NOTE: HEROES, VILLAINS, and characters that appeared in the Video Game only.

The Top Ten

1 Mysterion (Kenny McCormick) Mysterion (Kenny McCormick)

How can you not love him.

2 Mosquito (Clyde Donovan) Mosquito (Clyde Donovan)
3 The Coon (Eric Cartman) The Coon (Eric Cartman)
4 Professor Chaos (Butters Stotch) Professor Chaos (Butters Stotch)
5 Human Kite (Kyle Broflovski) Human Kite (Kyle Broflovski)
6 Toolshed (Stan Marsh) Toolshed (Stan Marsh)
7 Super Craig (Craig Tucker) Super Craig (Craig Tucker)

He should be at least in the top 3 he’s just too funny in this game πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

8 Fast Pass (Jimmy Valmer) Fast Pass (Jimmy Valmer)
9 Tupperware (Token Black) Tupperware (Token Black)
10 Call Girl (Wendy Testaburger) Call Girl (Wendy Testaburger)

The Contenders

11 Doctor Timothy (Timmy Burch) Doctor Timothy (Timmy Burch)
12 The Amazing Butthole (The New Kid)
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1. Mosquito (Clyde Donovan)
2. Fast Pass (Jimmy Valmer)
3. Human Kite (Kyle Broflovski)
1. Mysterion (Kenny McCormick)
2. The Coon (Eric Cartman)
3. Professor Chaos (Butters Stotch)


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