Top 10 Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from South Park

Surprised this one hasn't been done yet as with the other classic example of Nightmare Fuel list series we will be looking at the most nightmare fuel moments from the South Park series.
The Top Ten
1 The Woodland Critters Real Nature from Woodland Critters Christmas

Don't let these adorable animal critters fool you; they literally tricked Stan Marsh into helping them in order to give birth to Anti Christ. These woodland critters also worship satan. This is how controversial and dark the episode "Woodland Critter Christmas" was.

2 Cartman Feeds Scott Tenorman His Parents from Scott Tenorman Must Die

Thanks to Eric Cartman's manipulation in order to get revenge on Scott Tenorman, Scott literally turned into a Cannibal by eating his dead parents as mince which Eric Cartman literally murdered. This episode is proof that Eric Cartman is the most evilest fictional character in cartoon history.

In one of the most messed up endings ever Cartman tries to get back at Scott Tenorman for cheating him out of his money by staging a chili cook-off an then serving Scott Tenorman chili made from his own parents as they were killed by Mr. Denkin's and Cartman took their dead bodies and ground them up into the chili and fed it to Scott.

3 Chef's Death from The Return of Chef

Ever since Chef's horrifying and sad death, the actor stopped voicing him for South Park and just like that, Chef was killed off the show.

4 Randy Kills Winnie the Pooh from Band in China

For those of you who love Disney and Winnie the Pooh, this is a rather violent scene that might give some Disney fans nightmare fuel.

5 Kyle's Nightmare from Cartoon Wars Part 1
6 Zombie Attack from Pinkeye

The episode "Pinkeye" was basically about a zombie apocalypse. Some of the town's people from South Park, including Kenny McCormick, literally turned into zombies. This would be even more scarier if it was remade in live action.

South Park is overrun with zombies as the boys find themselves fighting off the undead as they try to find out how to put an end to it.

7 Manbearpig Attack from Imaginationland
8 Ginger Kids Abduct the Children of South Park from Ginger Kids
9 Stan's Killer Fish from Spookyfish
10 The Black Monster from City on the Edge of Forever

In the episode the school children are trapped on the bus as its stuck on a cliff and as Ms. Crabtree leaves to get help she tells the kids not to get off because a giant scary monster will eat them if they do, one of the kids doesn't buy it and tries to leave and a gigantic black monster appears and kills him and later appears again to kill Kenny.

The Contenders
11 The Giant Reptilian Bird from The Poor Kid
12 Blood Orgy from Woodland Critters Christmas
13 The Succubus from The Succubus
14 Christina Aguilera Monsters from Timmy 200
15 Cartman Closes His Eyes from Helen Keller the Musical
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