Best Space Goofs Episodes

Here are the best episodes from our favorite show, "Space Goofs".

The Top Ten

1 Cassius Gorgious

Most hilarious episode of the whole series! I almost chocked to death from laughing as a child, and the effect remains intact as an adult!

Gorgious looks so awesome as a wrestler.

2 Pink Rhinoceros

That band looks very good. Reminds me of the band "KISS".

3 Scouts Night Out

I love the way Gorgious says "The Abyss".

4 Flashman Vs. Zork

I Like Flashman more.

5 Our Ancestors the Humans

Gorgious sounded so romantic when he was singing.

6 Be My Friend

Candy looked so cute in a tutu. I love Maloo, too.

7 24H

I love this episode, but I don't like the fact where Bud turned into a human.

8 Macho Kung Fu

Kung Fu Panda reminded me of that. I compare this episode similar to "Cassius Gorgious".

9 Heavy Metal Madness

That was actually very awesome.

10 Space Cruiser to the Rescue

That was really funny.

The Contenders

11 UFO

It's nice to see Stereo again.

12 Maybe Baby

Candy sure loves babies.

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