Best Space Marine Chapters from Warhammer 40k

There are many chapters of the iconic faction from the popular tabletop game. So here we list out some of the greatest chapters of the corpse emperor's angels of death. (No chaos chapters)
The Top Ten
1 Blood Angels

A chapter that specializes in close combat, the Blood angels are one of the oldest and one of the most respected chapters of space marines and their primarch is Sangurius who was the most beloved of the primarchs. The Blood angels also hold a dark secret know as the red thirst which give those infected a literal thirst for blood, these marines are then put in a death company, despite this set back they remain one of the most honorable defends of the imperiam.

Best Primarch, best chapter master, best lore. They'll fight to the last man and will sacrifice in doing their duty.

Full of rage, full of speed - their is nothing that can break the Blood angels creed

For as long as they stand, there is nothing in their path!

2 Salamanders

Everyone loves the Salamanders.

"BURN THEM ALL! " ~ Every salamander, ever.

3 Dark Angels

I think there is a little chaos taint in all of us.

4 Space Wolves

These warriors are the 40k version of vikings and they sure to a awesome job at it.

5 Imperial Fists

Awesome paint scheme and a heavy weapon attitude to everything. Gotta love it!

The Sons of Dorn are determined to win, no matter the cost

2nd best Primarch, fought valiantly beside the Blood Angel's at the defense of Terra during the Horus Heresy.

6 Ultramarines

Smurfs are great and Guilleman a solid primarch...but he's no Sanguinius and his decision to split the legions into many chapters was a mistake.

Romans in space!

These guys were awesome,til Matt Ward screwed them up.

7 Black Templars

Huge Chapter with anywhere from 3-6 thousand Battle Brothers on a self imposed eternal crusade. When it needs to be purged with a very high level of violence of action, these are the guys to call.

What is your duty? - to do the Emperors will!
What is the Emperoes will? - that we fight and die!

Grimaldus is the absolute madman. PURGE

8 Soul Drinkers

The Soul drinkers are a unique chapter in which that they are renegades,but unlike other renagade chapters they don't follow the Chaos gods as they despise all forms of Chaos. But what makes them also unique is that they are against the Imperium but they still follow the Emperor's followings because they think the rest of the Imperium betrayed his followings. One might consider them a free chapter.

9 Grey Knights

MEQs with stormbolters, Terminator Troops, cool weapons and psychic powers, and Paladins. They are also the purest chapter.

How can anyone vote for anyone else?

Purity and faith.

10 Crimson Fists

Hate Orks and Tyrants. Love Bullets and Power Fists.

The Contenders
11 Blood Ravens

As the protagonists of Dawn of War - the game that introduced a lot of us to Warhammer 40k - these guys are one of the best fleshed out chapters. Their origin is a mystery - probably a successor chapter of [REDACTED BY WRIT OF INQUISITION], which would explain a lot about the abundance of Librarians among them. Loyal, stalwart and nigh impossible to destroy - they embody the best elements of pre-Matt Ward space marines.

Why not the Blood Ravens?

Hippity hoppity, give me your property.
- Primarch of The Blood Ravens

12 Raven Guard
13 Iron Hands

These guys are underatted. I just love their battle cry the flesh is week. Shame these guys don't get much attention.

Keep shooting at it even if looks dead!

14 The Exorcist Chapter

The baddest around when it comes down to Space Marines, if you don't know why, please educate yourself while watching the exorcist in the background. The Emperor Protects

To become an Exorcist Battle Brother the candidate must become possesed by a daemon, and then have it removed. Many Scout Marines die during this process, but the process is very useful because once the daemon has been cast out the Battle Brother is forever immune to possesion.

15 Legion of the Damned

These are silent killers, I would recommend watching your back you traitorous scum!

16 Angels of Absolution
17 White Scars
18 Lamenters
19 Novamarines
20 Dark Templar
21 Space Sharks
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