Top 10 Spanish Christmas Traditions

So, it's almost christmas, so I will share some traditions here in Spain to celebrate

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1 The Three Wise Men

I like that the true meaning of Christmas is kept alive in this way.
Feliz Navidad! - Britgirl

This is our most notable tradition:
Instead of Santa Claus, the Three Wise Men bring the presents.
The 5th of December, The Three Wise men appear in the Christmas Parade. That same night, kids have to prepare food for the Three Wise Men and their cammels.
The next day, you wake up, go to your living room and, there they are, all of your toys and presents.
Basicaly Santa, but with three people and three camels instead of one man. - Martinglez

2 12 grapes

Here, in New Year's Eve, just before midnight, we are supposed to eat 12 grapes (1 per each bong) for good luck. It sounds easy, but it's actually a hard task, specially because you're supposed to eat them so fast. - Martinglez

3 Nativity Scene

This no longer done in the USA, as Liberals have sued each and every city that traditionally put up a Nativity Scene.

This is not just Spanish (it is allso done in some countries in South America) but it's a cool one. With figourines, some people make small nativity scenes. There are also public places in witch there are very big ones. This not only recreates the classic crib and it's soroundings, but the whole town! This is cool because of the classic figurines, and the fun you have seeing all the details. Talking about the figurines, there's one really weird one - Martinglez

4 Caganer

This is literaly a pooping man we put on our nativity scenes. And countless spinnofs have been created, so now you can also buy:
-A pooping SpongeBob
-A pooping Obama
-A pooping Darth Vader
-And a peeing man
But there are lots more - Martinglez

5 Tió de Nadal

This is not celebrated where I live, but I added it anyways:
From what I've read in the internet, from December 8, people are supposed to give Tió de Nadal (a log with a carved and drawn face) food, up to Christmas day. That day, people are supposed to put him on the fireplace and order it to poop. Before eating the Christmas meal, the kids are ordered to leave. The log poops out presents. - Martinglez

Lolololo this sounds funny. Very interesting though [ coming from a person who doesn't have a fireplace] - JaysTop10List

6 Duration

Becuse of the Three Wise Men, we get Christmas up until the 8th of December. This year up to the 11th - Martinglez

7 Christmas Lotery

The most important lotery of the year here. - Martinglez

8 Roscon de Reyes

A sort of cake filled with cream or chocolate that usually contains a tiny figourine and a bean. Whoever gets the figourine also gets the crown in the middle, whoever gets the bean has to pay for the roscon. - Martinglez

9 Dia de los Inocentes

Here, instead of April Fools, we celebrate this on the 28th of December - Martinglez

And what's the connection with Christmas? - Especially when other things you've written seem to put the Christmas celebration between Dec 5 and 11? Confusing - Billyv

10 Misa del Gallo
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