Top 10 Spanish Rappers


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1 Kase.O Kase.O

Javier Ibarra Ramos ( Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, March 1, 1980 ), artistically known as Kase.O, is a Spanish MC natural of the neighborhood of La Jota (Zaragoza). He is a member of the group Violadores del Verso with SHO- HAI, Liriko and R de rumba - airlidumm

2 Nach Nach

Ignacio Fornés Olmo ( October 1, 1976, Albacete, Spain ) is a rapper, poet, writer and Spanish actor, initially Known as Nach Scratch and now Known simply as Nach, is Considered one of the best Spanish speaking MC of all the world - airlidumm

3 El Chojin  El Chojin

Edjang Domingo Antonio Moreno, better known as El Chojin ( 1977 Torrejon De Ardoz, Madrid, Spain ) is a performer and composer of rap - airlidumm

4 Lirico Lirico

David Gilaberte Miguel, better known by the stage name Lyrical, is a Spanish Mc from the actur district of Zaragoza, a member of the rap group Violadores del verso. - airlidumm

5 El Santo

David Navarro Romero, artistically known as el santo, is a music producer and Mc from Sabadell (Barcelona ) component of the group Falsalarma and brother of Tito ( Angel Navarro Romero, Mc) - airlidumm

6 Locus

Javier Diaz (Móstoles, Madrid, July 17, 1972 ), known artistically as Locus or Locus Amoenus, it is a rapper and record producer Spanish, member of Duo Kie with Nerviozzo and Dj Time. - airlidumm

7 El Langui

Juan Manuel Montilla Macarrón, better known as Langui (Madrid, 1980 ) is a Spanish actor and MC, component of la excepción. - airlidumm

8 Ose

Ose is the stage name of Daniel Bueno Leyva, MC of the Spanish hi hop band Panzers of Sabadell, (Barcelona). Form together with the DJ Demo Rone and a group that was formerly known as La Trama. - airlidumm

9 Bad Bunny Bad Bunny
10 Nerviozzo

Eduardo Jose Sanchez, born in Fuenlabrada (Madrid ) Spain, on September 21, 1978, artistically known as Nerviozzo o Temah man is an MC and producer from Madrid. He is a member of Duo Kie group with locus amoenus and Dj Yulian. - airlidumm

The Contenders

11 Zatu
12 Sho-Hai

Sergio Rodriguez Fernandez (Zaragoza, Aragon, Spain, February 19, 1976 ), known artistically as SHO- HAI, is a rap singer. - airlidumm

13 Tito (Falsalarma)
14 Xhelazz
15 J Balvin

He is good
but he's columbian
just because he speaks spanish doesn't mean he is spanish - DJvedar1234

16 Gitano Antón
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