Top 10 Spanish TV Shows of 2015


The Top Ten

1 El Hormiguero

This is a great show witch blends humour, celebrity appearances, action, you name it - Martinglez

2 Zapeando
3 Tu Cara Me Suena

Most exported Spanish T.V. formula, it has 8 or 9 celebrity contestants competing for points. They imitate a musical act and the judges give them 4-12 points. - Martinglez

4 El Club de la Comedia

Basically stand up comedy with the best Spanish comedians. - Martinglez

5 Me Resbala

Comedians compete in silly and funny challenges. At the end, one person in the audience sais who wins that night. - Martinglez

6 Ahora Caigo

Contest in witch players answer questions to win money. If they fail, they fall down a trap door. - Martinglez

7 Boom!

Teams compete. A question appears witch gives you 5 answers, 1 per every wire on a bomb. They have to cut all the wires with wrong answers. If they cut the right answer, foam hits them. - Martinglez

8 El Intermedio

A laugh on politics - Martinglez

9 La Sexta Noche
10 Salvame

Worst Spanish show ever! - Martinglez

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