Best Spartacus TV Series Characters


The Top Ten

1 Gannicus

Probably the most skillful fighter in this show. Gannicus is awesome! - Alexandr

The best! Cesar try and try and never ever defeated gannicus!

2 Spartacus

Iconic character. Both actors did a great job playing Spartacus - Alexandr

Superb like no other, The best mini series to this date.

The show is named after him.

3 Lucretia

Lucy Lawless was the main reason why I watched this show. And YES! She was brilliant as Lucretia. Very interesting character - Alexandr

4 Oenomaus

One of the main icons of the show! - Alexandr

5 Crixus

Crixus is best fighter in T.V. show and after Spartacus leader is Crixus

6 Mira

I felt sorry for her. She was smart and very beautiful - Alexandr

She was Spartacus Rock

7 Ilithyia

She was bitchy and annoying at times but I liked her. - Alexandr

8 Agron

A bit annoying but cool, brave and interesting character - Alexandr

9 Ashur

It is his cunning and playing of all sides that makes him the best.

10 Batiatus

Best character in the show, its really a shame that the show diverged from history after the first season. I would have loved to see more of the republic, government etc... The show just sort of morphed into a comic book after season 1

He was my favorite villain in the series. - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Varro

True friend! Really likable character - Alexandr

12 Marcus Crassus
13 Egyptian
14 Nasir
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