Best Spartacus TV Series Characters


The Top Ten

1 Gannicus Gannicus

Probably the most skillful fighter in this show. Gannicus is awesome! - Alexandr

The best! Cesar try and try and never ever defeated gannicus!

2 Spartacus Spartacus

Iconic character. Both actors did a great job playing Spartacus - Alexandr

Superb like no other, The best mini series to this date.

The show is named after him.

3 Oenomaus Oenomaus

One of the main icons of the show! - Alexandr

4 Lucretia

Lucy Lawless was the main reason why I watched this show. And YES! She was brilliant as Lucretia. Very interesting character - Alexandr

5 Crixus Crixus

Crixus is best fighter in T.V. show and after Spartacus leader is Crixus

6 Agron Agron

A bit annoying but cool, brave and interesting character - Alexandr

7 Batiatus Batiatus

Best character in the show, its really a shame that the show diverged from history after the first season. I would have loved to see more of the republic, government etc... The show just sort of morphed into a comic book after season 1

He was my favorite villain in the series. - Alexandr

8 Mira

I felt sorry for her. She was smart and very beautiful - Alexandr

She was Spartacus Rock

9 Ilithyia

She was bitchy and annoying at times but I liked her. - Alexandr

10 Varro Varro

True friend! Really likable character - Alexandr

The Contenders

11 Marcus Crassus Marcus Crassus
12 Ashur

It is his cunning and playing of all sides that makes him the best.

13 Lugo Lugo
14 Nasir
15 Egyptian
16 Saxa Saxa

One of the most (if not the most) badass woman character in the series

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