Canadian Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2)


I've worked with these guys from time to time in their training. Although I know none of them by name, they are pretty cool guys and we really respect them in the forces. We don't ask them questions on purpose, but we can tell that they are a very tight group just with how they conduct themselves. We can see the talent and confidence without them saying a word.

Not far of the sas but definitely far better then anything America has to offer. Zero bravado just just get the job done, we all go home alive. - Kshields

One thing that is a bit different in this group is the training that goes into strategic planning ability. I know that missions are very meticulously planned with a strong emphasis on information gathering and processing. Another thing is professionalism. Being expected to perform the task correctly with low chances for mistakes, friendly fire, blackhawks down, etc. Planning for contingencies, and practice, practice, practice. Another thing is a certain level of accountability. Even one of their own generals was tried and fined for accidental discharge of a weapon. And he owned up to it. Now even with DEVGRU consider that during the attempted rescue of Linda Norgrove she was killed by one of the SEALs grenades and they tried to conceal that fact. Now do you want someone who admits and learns from mistakes or someone who tries to hide the fact that it happened?

There is a reason that Canadian military were feared in both world wars and were referred to as storm troopers. It's in our blood to fight for what is right and to never back down. We don't fight for oil or to be bullies. ?

Very underrated compared to SEALs or SAS but very skilled! They are the reason Canada has such a great army, they really get the job done. JTF2!

We are the most underrated country in the world. JTF2 has more confirmed terrorist kills then any other special force. Long live the great white north

When you hear the term "Black Ops" you should automatically think jtf2. to tell you the truth, before they go on a mission, the ONLY people that know that they are going is themselves. think about this, there are only a couple hundred members, guess you could say, and say there are only 5 guys going on the mission, only they know. not even the other couple hundred. that's secretive.

My dad is from the canadian special forces he was an airbourne engineer and counter terrorism in pre jtf2 days and the fact that in a training exersize in New Mexico 300 canadians vs 10000 Americans was won by the canadians well that's enough for me

JTF2 participates in the toughest of missions. They do not seek recognition or publicity. The Canadian Armed Forces may not be the largest military in the world but they are the best trained.

Deeds, not words. Never the most glamorous spec op unit but Canada never does get the glory. Preferred over the super sexy US spec ops by a navy seal himself. Canadians have always been the best soldiers when other nations failed. Canadians took Vimy Ridge. Canadians had the most successful D-Day landing. And today Canada has the most elite anti-terrorism unit in the world.

The only reason Canada isn't rated number one along with the sas is because they are doing their job right and classified. There are so many as is this country (US) that are more concerned with media, popularity and movies they don't care if it gets our guys killed. Special forces are not sapose to be the most well know because the more known and voted for should mean a lower rank on the list.

No offense to our friends down south but the Seals and Delta just go into a Op guns a blazin. The Canadians are smart athletic and dangerous they have been selected to capture members of the Islamic state over the Seals and Delta remember the US government chose JTF2. That should say something about how good they are.

It is said that as part of the training, you are put in a pitch black room for one week with water being put in once a day. On the second last day they will offer to let you out, if you do you are out and can never re-try. Cannot confirm this, as I am not JTF-2 but I think that is probably just week one of the training.

Admiral Robert Harward, a Navy SEAL and former Deputy Commander of the United States Central Command, once led a JTF2 team during joint special forces operations. He said that the JTF2 team under his command was his FIRST choice for any direct action.

Devil's Brigade. What more can you say?

Canada has always trained harder in most combat trades than other militaries from my experience

Canadian's in general are quieter and humbler than say our neighbours to the south, but don't be fooled by this as we will kick ass if need be or just send in the JTF2. These guys are the best yet prefer to hide in the shadows often never getting credit for their accomplishments.

A JTF2 Sniper just set the record for longest confirmed sniper kill ever. In Northern Iraq the operator hit an ISIS militant 2.1 miles away.

The canadian people didn't even know they were overseas until photos were leaked and even then they didn't believe, but in reality they were doing more work than the Americans.

Instead of Humvees the JTF2 uses Polar bears. Which one are you more afraid of?

They are a top notch unit. Unfortunately we do not hear about their exploits. If we did many would be suitably impressed.

JTF2 are an operational outfit who are recognised as only on the first tier, good look for the future and maturing through training and less attention to each others male genitalia

When Delta and the SEALS can't get it done, this is who they call. JTF2 does not arrest people. JTF2 does not hand out CARE packages. JTF2 does not cuddle. JTF2 murders people.

In Afghanistan, JTF2 was called in for things the USMC, SEALs, Delta Force etc deemed "Too Dangerous". They are so important that it is a criminal offense in Canada to give any information about members. There are several fake divisions that JTF2 members have to tell people, including family, that they are in, but nobody knows which ones.

JFT2 is the best in the world because of their dedication to doing what's right. They have an amazing kill to death ratio, too.

JTF 2 is the highest ranked because they are hunting most wanted snipers working for ISIS without the minister of defense or prime minister even knowing where they are in the world...