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Special operations units are by far the most well trained soldiers on the planet and for good reason being sent into life or death missions. The toughest situations on the planet easily. All special forces are equally well trained since most of them cross train with each other. I'm not some person who played COD or MW3 and now thinks he knows SOF. My father is a US Marine FORECON Sniper, my grandpa a former US Army Ranger, my uncle a former Norwegian Navy SEAL, my other uncle a former Danish Army Hunter and me a special forces hopeful. I'm not saying I'm right 100% but I think I my list might have a bit more credibility than ones.

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21 Mossad - Israel

Come on guys they kicked terrorists asses before it was cool

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22 Alpha Group - Russia
23 Sayeret Matkal

They did kick ass in Operation Orchard though

My top 5 (not in order since they are all the best in their specialty) devgru, british sas, matkal/shayetet 13, delta force, navy seals

24 Indian MARCOS

Look, the MARCOS have joint training with the British SAS and US navy SEALS.
Surely this allows them to be right up there with the sas and seals! But no because no one has heard of them. Why you may ask... Just because no one has made a video game or movie on them! They are top secret like the sas and seals so I want to see this shoot up faster than a bullet!

As far as operational experience is concerned Marcos are top secret forces and they are at very best. They have almost daily operational experience in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and North-east insurgency and conflicts from more than past 20 years.Suicide bombers and militants in Kashmir region fear with just the hint of news that Marcos has been deployed for hunt.

MARCOS have evolved as one the most well trained, well-equipped, highly motivated and professional special forces in the world. Some of their training modules are much tougher than those of the US Navy SEALS & British SAS. They have had rich operational experience within and outside the geographical confines of India, having conducted operations in Sri Lanka, Kashmir & North-Eastern India. Going by insider expert opinions, the SAS, Navy SEALS, MARCOS & Israeli Special Forces would be undisputedly amongst the best in the world!


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25 Swedish SOG Särskilda Operations Gruppen

There is nothing like the units of Sweden. Awarded to be the best one man army soldiers in the world. Not many, but good quality on them. I must say this could be one of the best units in the world, the SOG (special organisation group). Too bad they are so secret and you don't know so much about them.

Selected men from the Swedish armed forces. These men go in, get the job done and go out.

Top secret. No information on them whats so ever.

They hunt spetznaz

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26 EKO - Cobra - Austria
27 Danish Jægerkorpset

Sorry, folks - but these guys are top of the hill. SAS may be the best of the rest, but they won't beat these badasses.

In 2011, it was a "Jægerpatrulje" that won the NATO Spec Ops "tournament". This is proof that they are a very good Special Operations Unit. They may not be the best, but they are at least in the top 10. You don't hear a lot of them like you do with the Navy Seals, Delta Force or SAS, because their agenda is so secret. Hunters also endure some of the longest, and hardest training-programs in the world. They have to train 1 and a half to 2 years, to become a hunter. The failure rate is 95, or 97%. Of a total of 7431 trainees, so far only 224 made it to become a hunter. Today the total force of Hunters are 150 huntsmen. These guys are truly a force to be reckonnd with.

Danish Army Hunters were definitely some of the key players in Op Anaconda... They were even praised by a U.S. army General along with Canada and the Norwegians for their actions...

Yup... is alm I have to sat

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28 United States Army Special Forces

USASF Otherwise known as the Green Berets, Are some of the best. Extremely highly skilled in unconventional warfare and urban combat. These guys are so good that other than the 75 ranger regiment, are the most picked for delta force! Delta force is the armys seal team six! The Green berets are even competitors with the British SAS.

29 United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

Great point...Best using standard issue weaponry... No mission that doesn't get accomplished. If these highly motivated and trained Marines had the funding that other elite operatives do they would top the list. The reason is a mindset developed from day one as a Marine that carries over to volunteering and making the cut through each phase of training.

Force recon marines are the best, period, I don't care what anyone else thinks they are FACE IT, ITS LIFE!

Best soldiers using standard issue weaponry. They get it done while everyone else is trying on the next best gucci-cam

They do more with less.

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30 Army Rangers - US

And saved by Malaysian UN peacekeeping army when black hawk down...

They are also the hard trained not to feel pain

Army ranger are the coolest fighting the Nazi in ww2 and fighting terrorist now day, making them longest special forces in U.S military

the Rangers will kill 'em

31 Iranian Takavar

The Iranian Takavar is a naval special forces unit of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Iranian Takavar are normally considered one of the top 5 special forces units of the Middle East rivaled only by Israel. They are trained using many of the same methods implored by British SBS and operate through mostly maritime operations involving vessel assaults, patrol, hostage rescue and the.

Iranian Takavar Units (Known as NOHED), Especially Counter-Terrorist Units, are one of the fast-reaction forces in the world & they are well-trained with professional equipments. They are just awesome!

They kick ass


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32 Korps Commando Troepen - Netherlands
33 Portuguese Special Operations Troops Centre

Saw some of them in Afghanistan, very well trained

Heard that portuguese special forces train with navy seals every 2 years

One of the most organized in the world

One of the best in the world.

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Brazilian special operation force specialized in fighting in regions difficult to access, such as the dangerous favelas of Rio.

Brazilian special operation force specialized in fighting drug lords. If you're intrested you should watch tropa de elite the movie

35 GSG 9

The gsg9 is the best special operations force

36 National Gendarmerie Intervention Group - France
37 National Security Guard - India

Nsg is the one of best ever force in would. No one can break them

38 Marsoc - U.S

MARSOC is getting better funding and marines are best infantry in the world u get picked to be force recon. Marine boot camp is tough and they draw tough kids. But it's not marsoc its raiders now officially I'd put raiders up against sas in bar brawl and very little is known about them but they specialize in the in new teir 1 they all have their roles. Teir 1 is best hands down

39 Para-Commandos, Bangladesh
40 Lithuanian ARAS

Truly the most modern, operative group in the world

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