Top Ten Best Speed Cubes

The Top Ten

1 Fangshi Shaung Ren

Awesome cube! It is fast, controllable, has good corner cutting, and never pops. It is my current main.

Amazing corner cutting and it never pops.

EPIC! Doesn't pop like dayan zhanchi… don't EVER GET the Dayan Zhanchi!

2 GuoGuan YueXiao

My first speedcube. Friend with 9.something seconds likes it, but he uses V-Cube.

3 Moyu Aolong GT
4 Gans 356 V2
5 Dayan Zhanchi

Its epic all rounder and every body should have it in his collection

This is the best cube if you r a great speed cuber!


6 Qiyi Thunderclap
7 X-Man Tornado

Hands down

8 Gans 356 Air
9 Moyu Tanglong
10 Congs Design Meiying

The Newcomers

? D-FantiX

The Contenders

11 CubeForYou (CFY)
12 Gans III
13 Diansheng
14 Shengshou

They are super smooth and really fast.

15 Dayan GuHong

This cube is great because it's cheap and works well. It's my main currently, and it moves perfectly.

16 V-Cube 3
17 Rubik's Speed Cube
18 Dollar Store Cube
19 LanLan
20 YJ
21 GhostHand
22 QJ
23 X Cube
24 Maru
25 WitLong
26 Alpha V
27 WitEden
28 QiYi
29 ShengEn
30 MF8
31 MoYu
32 Eastsheen

Figured it shoulde be included

33 Weilong
34 Cyclone Boys
35 Cavecon
36 Moyu Aolong V2
37 Moyu Weilong V3
38 Fangshi Guangying
39 MoFangGe Thunderclap
40 Moyu Hualong
41 Gans 356
42 Gans 357
43 RS Negi Speed Cube

First of all, I wanna say that this cube is really an amazing one. I'm really liking this cube for many features which resemble the famous Chinese DaYan or MoYu cubes.
I'm really loving to play and practise with this one.
By the way, at this price, the cube is really a very good and fun.

44 DreamPark
45 The Valk 3

Best hands down

46 Moyu Weilong GTS
47 Qiyi Thunderclap V2
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