Top 10 Speed Metal Songs by Blind Guardian

I made this list because Speed Metal is one of the most misunderstood metal subgenres - many people think that Speed Metal is every fast song. It's not true but on many lists about speed metal people vote fot bands that aren't speed metal.

Speed Metal is a heavier, faster or/and more technical version of power metal. Speed Metal is between power metal and thrash metal but unlike thrash, speed metal doesn't have hardcore punk elements. So speed metal is more melodic than thrash but some speed metal songs are faster than some thrash songs. In some cases, speed metal songs are even heavier than some songs by thrash bands.

The best way to understand what speed metal is, is to give a listen to some of the songs on this list. These songs are from Blind Guardian's first albums in the 80s and early 90s. Currently Blind Guardian are known for songs from other metal subgenres but they were a very important band in the speed metal development.
For people who don't know: currently Blind Guardian play awesome symphonic metal. Yes, this band changed their sound and style very much.

The Top Ten

1 Majesty

It was track #1 on their debut album (1988). A great start of their career - 7:30 minutes of fast and aggressive yet melodic music. - Metal_Treasure

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2 Banish from Sanctuary

I would recommend 2 incredible live versions: from the live DVD 'Imaginations Through the Looking Glass' and the live album Tokyo Tales.
Update: these guys are really good, still good - the live version on the new 2017 album is great, too (Live Beyond the Spheres). Hey, the original is of 1989, it's like 25+ years ago. - Metal_Treasure

3 Journey Through the Dark
4 Guardian of the Blind

One of their fastest and most aggressive songs. The band was named after this song. - Metal_Treasure

5 Damned for All Time
6 Fast to Madness
7 The Last Candle UListen to Sample
8 Traveler in Time UListen to Sample
9 Somewhere Far Beyond

Pure progressive, aggressive, and speedy brilliance! Should be second only to Majesty.

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10 Battalions of Fear UListen to Sample

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11 Hall of the King
12 Welcome to Dying
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