Speediest MLB Runners of 2013

This list describes the MLB players who shot around the bases in 2013!

The Top Ten

1 Jacoby Ellsbury

If you stole 52 bases like him, you could beat a cheetah in a race.

2 Eric Young Jr.

The Mets have 49 more stolen bases thanks to this guy.

3 Michael Bourn

Blink for a second and you'll miss him.

4 Coco Crisp

Mr. Cereal just grew wings for stealing bases.

5 Hanley Ramirez

He could steal second base before lightning hits the ground.

6 Ben Revere

Maybe not a good hitter, but could could run from first to home in less than a second.

7 Carlos Gomez Carlos Gomez

He beat Jose Reyes in a race.

8 Jose Reyes

He stole around 60 bases in his first MLB season.

Can run like usian bolt

9 Mike Trout Mike Trout Michael Nelson "Mike" Trout, nicknamed The Millville Meteor, is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Major League Baseball.

A good outfielder. A good thrower. A good hitter. A speedy runner. a lot of stamina. 5 TOOL PLAYER!

Mike trout should have been ether in number 1 or 2

10 Rajai Davis

He could really fly around the bases.

He would have easily stolen more bases than anyone on the list if he had been used more often. Sadly, the Jays' fastest player has now headed to the Tigers. But we have Anthony Gose! - PetSounds

The Contenders

11 Andrew McCutchen Andrew McCutchen Andrew Stefan McCutchen, nicknamed "Cutch" is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball.

He could run around the bases before his homerun went into the stands

12 Shane Victorino
13 Brett Gardner

Sorry I forgot to put him at no. 2

14 Everth Cabrera
15 Jean Segura
16 Angel Pagan
17 Matt Kemp Matt Kemp
18 Desmond Jennings
19 Alexi Casilla
20 Ichiro Suzuki Ichiro Suzuki Ichiro Suzuki , often referred to mononymously as Ichiro, is a Japanese former professional baseball outfielder who played 28 seasons combined in top-level professional leagues.

Meant to put him at number 3

21 Eduardo Nunez
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