Spiciest Cuisines

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1 Indian

So many chillies in everything. It blows your stomach open, but, considering my addiction to chillies, I adore it!

Indian cusine is so spicy. They add countless spices and chillies to their dishes

I love an extra extra extra hot madras

2 Thai

It causes mouth ulcers, sweating, through irritation

Very honestly, it is too much spicy than indian food, rather indians only use spices to flavour their food and add a bit sense in it.Indian food is very mild and tasty exept two three dishes of curry

3 Mexican

They have addictive and powerful hot sauce on anything that has less than 1lb of spice. It's excellent.

Almost everything is spicy in Mexico. Makes your mouth feel like it's on fire. - Pegasister12

4 Sri Lankan

I know a local Sri Lankan place that makes things that absolutely blow open your throat because it's so hot, but it's brilliant. As I cannot go a week without at least six chillies, this is the perfect cuisine to get spiced up. Sri Lankan is quite underrated, if you ask me. - PositronWildhawk

5 Japanese
6 South-West American

Half of the food there is almost all-jalapeño.

7 Chinese
8 Malaysian

I was once in Malaysia briefly, and I once had this dinner that felt like two chillies per ladle. People around me were eating it as if there was no chilli at all! But I still liked it. A lot.

9 Vietnamese
10 Korean

Fire noodles

Samyang Buldak..
Well, so I once bought to packs of samyang buldak and I had a left over spicy sauce. And then I was eating noodles and I added the samyang sauce to the noodles and It got spicy. But regardless of that, literally eating a SAMYABG BULDAK Is way spicier - MLPFan

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11 Bhutanese
12 Nepalese
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