Top Ten Spiderman Costumes

This list is about Spidey's costumes. Just a decent description, but whatever!

The Top Ten

1 Red and Blue Costume

You can throw as many suits as you want into the mix of this question, none of them will compare to the original.

All I have to say is it was the best suit ever.

The original and by far the best.

1. Classic Suit
2. Ultimate Spider-Man
3. Spider-Man 2099
4. Superior Spider-Man
5. Iron Spider
6. Black Suit
7. Spider-Ben
8. Future Foundation Suit
9. Spider-Man Noir
10. Scarlet Spider

2 Symbiote Costume

By far the best

3 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
4 Ultimate Spiderman Costume
5 Iron Spider
6 Future Foundation Spider-Man
7 Scarlet Spider Costume
8 Noir Costume

Noir is 1 of my favorite spiderman 1931 his uncle was in world war 2 an that's how Peter got that suit he found all of that stuff in his basement, war cloths...spiderman noir...say your prays here comes the spiderman!

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9 Iron Spider Costume
10 New Ultimate Spider-Man

The Contenders

11 2099 Costume

2099 is amazing I love his futuristic design, he is a mother shocking spiderman

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12 Ben Reilly Spider-Man Costume
13 Stealth Suit Spider-Man
14 Classic Spider-Man
15 Big Time Spiderman Costume
16 Bag-Man Costume
17 Tron Spider-Man

Big time spiderman is a stealthy spiderman like noir love it

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18 Superior Spider-Man Version 2
19 Zombie Spiderman

A spider form the Zombie universe

20 Flipside

Spiderman from 2099--friends with spiderman 2099

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1. Future Foundation Spider-Man
2. Stealth Suit Spider-Man
3. Iron Spider
1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
2. Red and Blue Costume
3. Symbiote Costume



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