Top Ten Spin Offs They Should Make for Nina Needs to Go!


The Top Ten

1 Nina Goes to the Restroom Before She Goes Anywhere

Would be better.

2 Nina Takes Her Own Self to the Restroom

It wiould still suck but at least it helps little kids - HollowArrow

3 Nina Needs to Cancel Her Show Immediately
4 Nina Needs to Go to TheTopTens List

Just joking she should stay away from exsistence - HollowArrow

5 Nina Needs to Get Punished for Not Going to the Restroom Before She Went Anywhere
6 Nina Needs to Go Pee the Worst Cartoon Ever

Well let's all be honest - HollowArrow

7 Nina Needs to Just Pee on Herself

Maybe then she will remember to use the restroom before leaving the house.

8 Nina Needs to Go Stop Acting
9 Nina Loses Ideas of Items of Nina Needs to Go Spin Offs

Just stop I get it this show is a mistake to be created but these list are to extra - Jkthemanwiththeplan

10 Nina Goes to Sleep

The Contenders

11 Nina Need To Go Pee in Teen Titans Go
12 Nina Needs To Go Pee on Sanjay and Craig
13 Nina Needs To Go in Serious Business in Teen Titans Go

Oh no! Nina is doing the pee pee dance with the titans!

14 Nina Needs to Go Get Rid of Her Potty Plot or She Dies


15 Nina Needs Some Milk
16 Nina Needs To Pee On PowerPuff Girls (2016)
17 Nina Tries Not to Go on Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy
18 Nina Tries Not to Go on Zordon's Tube in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
19 Nina Needs to Go Jump Off a Cliff
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