Best Spineshank Songs

Best songs by Pomona, California Nu Metallers, Spineshank.

The Top Ten

1 The Height of Callousness The Height of Callousness

Their most high powered, slamming song, packs a punch with the guitar and bass guitar mixing right in with the industrial parts. - AltMaster

2 Synthetic Synthetic

Nice whisper to scream techniques, also a nice video put together for it. - AltMaster

3 Smothered Smothered
4 God Complex God Complex

Hard, fast, strong, and powerful. - AltMaster

5 (Can't Be) Fixed (Can't Be) Fixed

One of the more techno-driven songs, very heavy and awesome. - NuMetalManiak

Love the beginning, makes a guy want a mosh pit real badly. - AltMaster

6 Cyanide 2600 Cyanide 2600

Just as crazy as my top pick, this song would have a higher rank, if the other songs wouldn't exist. - AltMaster

7 Asthmatic Asthmatic

I love the whole song, love the scream. - AltMaster

8 Stillborn Stillborn

Gotta love the industrial screeches at the beginning! - AltMaster

9 Beginning of the End Beginning of the End
10 New Disease New Disease

I'm surprised. I thought this song would be number 1 with a bullet.

The Contenders

11 Malnutrition Malnutrition

From the industrial beginning, to the grooving guitars in the middle, this could be Spineshank's song with the most groove. - AltMaster

12 Violent Mood Swings Violent Mood Swings
13 Perfect Ending Perfect Ending

Think about the guitar in the middle... Just think about it... - AltMaster

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1. Asthmatic
2. Beginning of the End
3. (Can't Be) Fixed
1. The Height of Callousness
2. Synthetic
3. Smothered



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