Top Ten Spinoffs of TheTopTens Show

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1 The All-British Adventures Of Britgirl

I could be a major character. I don't know her or anything but I'm British so

I'd love to watch this show! - keyson

A show about Britgirl - simpsondude

2 Positron's Scientific Adventures

A show about PositronWildhawk - simpsondude

Make it happen universe! - RiverClanRocks

3 Puga's Life As A Pug

Me and Puga would be the main characters. I want this! - letdot52

A show about Puga - simpsondude

4 Keyson's Love Life

A show about Keyson - simpsondude

5 Turkeyasylum's Total Drama Life

A show about Turkeyasylum - simpsondude

6 PositronWildhawk Goes Amish
7 HezarioSeth's Hacking Adventures

A show about HezarioSeth - simpsondude

8 SelfDestruct's Jackie Evancho Hating Life

A show about SelfDestruct - simpsondude

9 Britboy's Love To Nothing

Lol - Unnamed Google User Remade

Because he has recently lost interest in Britgirl - simpsondude

10 TheTopTens: Alaska

The Contenders

11 Nintendofan126's Mario Loving Life

A show about Nintendofan126 - simpsondude

Ok, I do like the Mario franchise. But I find this a little offensive... - nintendofan126

12 My 600-item list

I have a 600 item list called Songs That Should Be Used As Torture. - Turkeyasylum

13 Ice Road TopTenners
14 Britgirl & Honey Boo Boo
15 Survivor: TheTopTens Studios
16 Little People of TheTopTens
17 Life After TheTopTens

I wonder what it would be like. - ToptenPizza

18 Garythesnail:A Spongebob Lover

A show about Garythesnail - simpsondude

19 Puga's Obsession With Onions

Did you know that onions can kill a dog? Is this secretly another Puga Abuse episode? Come on, people! Jealous much? - Wolftail

Stop the Puga Abuse. It's not funny. - Puga

20 MostTalented_BoyX's Video Gaming Life

Guest starring me! What? It's not my fault Cedrick is just plain awesome! - RiverClanRocks

21 Monty Python's Flying TheTopTens
22 VainillaKid In Chocolate Land
23 EvilAngel Fighting Evil Angels
24 Anonymouschick's Freaky Obsession to Warriors
25 Connor360 in Cartoonland
26 TheTopTens Idol
27 The Video Game Show with Jake09
28 Turkeyasylum's Talk Show
29 Mumbizz01's Childhood History

A lot of awesome stuff happened in my childhood. - Mumbizz01

30 The Blue Adventures of BlueDiamondFromNowhere
31 My Life In Kalos

This is a follow-up to Welcome To Kalos: A Dream Come True (an item I posted on the TopTens T.V. list). This is about my life in the Kalos region. - RiverClanRocks

32 TwilightKitsune eats chocolate

TwilightKitsune eats a Hershey's bar.

33 Not_A_Weeaboo's lonely life
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1. The All-British Adventures Of Britgirl
2. Puga's Life As A Pug
3. Positron's Scientific Adventures
1. The All-British Adventures Of Britgirl
2. Positron's Scientific Adventures
3. Puga's Life As A Pug
1. The All-British Adventures Of Britgirl
2. Britboy's Love To Nothing
3. Keyson's Love Life

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