Top 10 Spirited Away Characters

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1 Chihiro Ogino

Went from a pessimistic girl to an optimistic and caring woman. I love Spirited Away! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She's so great! Of course she is, she's the main character. - MyNguyen

Of course she is the main character.I love this movie

At first I thought Chihiro was a little whiny girl who was really spoiled, but then when I think about it, Chihiros parents never understand or appreciate her - Catscatscats

2 Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi/Haku

Spirited Away is absolutely excellent, Haku is my favourite character in the movie. - BlazingParasol

He's a nice guy. He helped Chihiro/Sen and I so wish that there is a scene showing Haku and Chihiro meting again in the future and become girlfriend and boyfriend! - MyNguyen

He is just so perfect

I really like his hair style.

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3 No Face

Ah is what No Face says. Ah is what I say. Ah is what we all say. Ah, Spirited Away is the best. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He's terrible when he ate up people - Catscatscats

Ah ah ah ah
stayin alive, eating alive
ah ah ah ah

4 Lin

Cause she took care of her and now one would of knew that she was a human and she helped her a lot

Number four! She should be in the top 3, she helped Chihiro almost the whole time and took care of her, honestly Lin would make a better mom then Chihiros real mom. - Catscatscats

5 Zeniba

She helped Chihiro - Catscatscats

6 Baby

At least she stood up for Chihiro at the end - Catscatscats

7 Yubaba

She stole

She's the worst - Catscatscats

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