Top Ten Splatoon Maps

Top ten Splatoon Maps.Layout,environment and strategy all count.

The Top Ten

1 Moray Towers

Favorite map atm, ignore my comment on Mahi Mahi. Lol. I began to like this one more

Quite a high map,Moray allows you to take a few strategies to take down your foes. - Lord28

V 1 Comment
2 Kelp Dome

The layout is great,THE BATTLE IS INSIDE THE EDEN PROJECT! YAY! (all I ever wanted in a Videogame) - Lord28

3 Camp Triggerfish

This maps layout works in every mode for me personally

Again,lots of strategies are available to take.It just looks a bit boring. - Lord28

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4 Flounder Heights

Big map=Lots of routes to take.Lots of routes to take=Strategy.Go on, get your dual squelcher! - Lord28

5 Aromana Mall
6 Saltspray Rig V 2 Comments
7 Old Urchin Underpass (Before August 6th 2015 Remaster) V 1 Comment
8 Blackbelly Skatepark
9 Port Mackerel
10 Piranha Pit

The Contenders

11 Urchin Underpass (After August 6th 2015 Remaster)
12 Walleye Werehouse
13 Ancho-V-Games
14 Mahi-Mahi Resort

My all time favorite stage in Splatoon. The relaxing resort (hence the name "Mahi-Mahi Resort") atmosphere is very nice, and the water levels dropping halfway through can totally change the tide of the battle. A fun, bright, and all around awesome map! - ShyGuySwag

15 Bluefin Depot

Underrated map that makes you think of good strategies.

16 Hammerhead Bridge V 1 Comment
17 Museum d'Alfonsino
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