Top Ten Splatoon Maps

Top ten Splatoon Maps.Layout,environment and strategy all count.

The Top Ten

1 Piranha Pit

Oh, joy. A trash map. The conveyers feel too clunky/hindering, the side areas are barely used, and you can be spawncamped so easily it's BROKEN. - mattstat716

2 Blackbelly Skatepark
3 Aromana Mall

AroWana mall, you mean.

And it's excellent for SEEKERS?! Woah! Never thought I'd say that. - mattstat716

4 Moray Towers

Favorite map atm, ignore my comment on Mahi Mahi. Lol. I began to like this one more

Excellent map. Moray is either an uphill climb, or a downhill slide. - mattstat716

Moray all the way! - Lord28

Quite a high map,Moray allows you to take a few strategies to take down your foes. - Lord28

5 Ancho-V-Games
6 Kelp Dome

Trash. I always seem to lose on this map, and I can't tell why. It's not me, I don't ever really *die* on here... - mattstat716

The layout is great,THE BATTLE IS INSIDE THE EDEN PROJECT! YAY! (all I ever wanted in a Videogame) - Lord28

7 Camp Triggerfish

This maps layout works in every mode for me personally

Again,lots of strategies are available to take.It just looks a bit boring. - Lord28

Again, another bad map.

The enemy team will have such an easy time spawncamping unless you have a charger/dynamo. - mattstat716

Love how unique this map is! It looks super cool and I always get happy when I see it in the rotation! Longed ranged weapons are best here but I use the Aerospray RG and even that is useful, even though it has pitiful range! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This map so much!

8 Flounder Heights

Actually not that bad of a map. - mattstat716

Big map=Lots of routes to take.Lots of routes to take=Strategy.Go on, get your dual squelcher! - Lord28

9 Saltspray Rig

This is the best - RockStarr

It's a good map,just play it,ok - Lord28

It's rigged, actually.

The left side will win more because the bullets come out of the right side of the inkling. - mattstat716

10 Mahi-Mahi Resort

My all time favorite stage in Splatoon. The relaxing resort (hence the name "Mahi-Mahi Resort") atmosphere is very nice, and the water levels dropping halfway through can totally change the tide of the battle. A fun, bright, and all around awesome map! - ShyGuySwag

The worst map of all. It's pure Chaos. Don't even try to play here, you'll die. - mattstat716

I love this course it's the best in splatoon and I hate camp triggered


The Contenders

11 Old Urchin Underpass (Before August 6th 2015 Remaster) V 1 Comment
12 Port Mackerel
13 Walleye Werehouse
14 Urchin Underpass (After August 6th 2015 Remaster)
15 Bluefin Depot

Underrated map that makes you think of good strategies.

Lower than Saltspray RIGGED? what?!

Listen, the bullets come outta the right side of the inkling. Saltspray is mirrored. The left side will win more often than the right side because of that.

Bluefin, however, has 2 different paths. You must multitask both. That is where STRATEGY comes into play. - mattstat716

16 Hammerhead Bridge V 1 Comment
17 Museum d'Alfonsino
18 Starfish Mainstage
19 The Reef
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