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1 Aerospray RG

The fire-rate of this weapon is incredible. It doesn't even need that much power to be the best weapon, because this weapon will crush you before you can do anything because of the fire-rate. It has really good sub weapons and special weapons, as well.

Compared to heavy splattings, chargers and the Dynamo Roller, this weapons for noobs.

If you have this weapon, then you're mlg.
If you don't know where to get this, beat the 3rd boss in hero mode and reach level 14 to get it.
If you can't beat that giant clam, look up how to defeat it.
If you still can't, what a noob you are.
If you hate this weapon, WHAT ARE YOU DOINg' HERE, M8!

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2 Krak-On Splat Roller

So good love the kraken you roll in and use the kraken when players are close or STEAMROLL THEM

I love rollers and I like the kraken special

Cool! I love this one!


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3 Aerospray MG V 1 Comment
4 Splatter Jr.

Although first weapon in the game its still the bomb!

AWESOME I GET 800+ points with this weapon

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5 Splat Roller

I love this weapon it's good for turf wars and does a ton of damage

For turf war, rollers always win

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6 Dual Squelcher V 1 Comment
7 Kelp Splatterscope
8 Tentakek Splattershot V 1 Comment
9 .96 Gal

Only have.52 Gal =c

10 N-Zap '89

It's amazing if used right. Just cover turf and get the ink strike off, also with sprinkler it's a match made in heaven.

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? Berry Splattershot Pro
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The Contenders

11 .52 Gal Deco V 3 Comments
12 Splash-O-Matic V 2 Comments
13 Aerospray PG V 1 Comment
14 Grim Range Blaster
15 Octobrush

I hate how it looses ink quickly, but apart from that it's pretty good.

I do so good with this weapon in all gamemodes, just because u lose ink quickly doesn't mean u can't stack up ink saver main, this weapon should really be first

16 Slosher
17 Heavy Splatling
18 Carbon Roller

I win every time with this - Lord28

19 Tri-Slosher

It's really good for keeping and retaking that middle area in Arowana Mall and overall a good weapon in small alleyways. You can kill in two hits and it covers a wide area, and it also doesn't have a very long cool down at all (I never notice it if there even is one).

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20 Dynamo Roller V 1 Comment
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1. Aerospray MG
2. Krak-On Splat Roller
3. Aerospray RG
1. Aerospray RG
2. Dual Squelcher
3. Aerospray MG
1. Aerospray RG
2. Splat Roller
3. Splatter Jr.



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