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1 Aerospray RG

My second favourite weapon. It is perfect for spreading ink and it also is really good for splatting foes with brushes or carbon rollers. Most people that use this weapon should be surprised if they lose a turf war. The ink mines can scare your enemies so much that they won't see the inkstrike special that you drop on them! Even though the accuracy and range isn't great, it's fire rate is amazing and it doesn't lose ink quickly to make up for it. I'd be surprised if there was someone who didn't like this weapon!

This gun is great in turf wars because of the wide spread and fast fire-rate and in competitive battles because the ink mines are deadly when placed on a tower, in the area that is fought over, and even to protect the final area in rainmaker. The inkstrike just adds to everything.

The fire-rate of this weapon is incredible. It doesn't even need that much power to be the best weapon, because this weapon will crush you before you can do anything because of the fire-rate. It has really good sub weapons and special weapons, as well.

If you have this weapon, then you're mlg.
If you don't know where to get this, beat the 3rd boss in hero mode and reach level 14 to get it.
If you can't beat that giant clam, look up how to defeat it.
If you still can't, what a noob you are.
If you hate this weapon, WHAT ARE YOU DOINg' HERE, M8!

2 Krak-On Splat Roller

I like the krak-on splat roller a lot because it's faster than the normal splat roller and does more damage than the carbon roller (I tested them both and the krak-on did more damage). I like the squid beakons cause I can super jump to them when all my players are down. The kraken is useful when I am stuck in the opponent's ink and I have no ink or any ink around me. I can just swim in it and kill everyone on the other team while also being able to go up walls. In my opinion, this is the BEST WEAPON EVER!

I love this weapon! The only thing about I don't like is the Kraken. It coveres huge amounts of turf, can deal, when rolling into the enemy, colossal amounts of damage and has the awesome squid beacon! definitely the best roller and the best weapon.

So good love the kraken you roll in and use the kraken when players are close or STEAMROLL THEM

The beakons are good support, the roller is a good main weapon, and the kraken needs no introduction.

3 Aerospray MG

This weapon is very cool I like to crush people with this weapon in turf battles the players are like O.M.G!

This is good too, those seekers are really the key to sucsess

4 Splatter Jr.

This one needs some explanation. Despite being designed as a downgrade from the regular splattershot, the Jr.'s stats relative to the splattershot (specifically, it's lower accuracy and higher rate of fire) make it more suitable for covering turf. While this weapon may struggle to splat opponents directly, its special (the bubbler) helps users to retreat, or get close enough for a kill.

Although first weapon in the game its still the bomb!

This weapon sucks, hands down

It's good at turfing

5 Splat Roller

I love this weapon it's good for turf wars and does a ton of damage

For turf war, rollers always win

Rollers are overpowered

I roll with it all the time

6 Dual Squelcher

The range is the absolute best. You can get splats from a splat zone and a half away. The fire rate makes up for the not very good damage. In just one ranked battle, I had fifteen splats and I only got splatted four times. This should be the best gun in the game.

Dual Spuelcher is amazing. Pretty similar to the N-Zaps, but has a better range and shorter fire rate. It also has some great specials, which are splat bombs and echolocater. I love using echolocater to super jump to my opponents and kill them. I also has Stealth Jump ability with my shoes, so they never see me coming.

The range and I just love using dualies (no seriously and heck I'm usually top fragging)

The range is so awesome.

7 Inkbrush

It is good because if you spam so fast and rapidly with your finger then it will give you a advantage to enemy's based on how fast you spam the weapon I did this and got a 7 win streak

"It makes you go faster that makes you have an advantage.

"A Spammers Best Friend

"A chargers worst nightmare.

Easily get into the middle but when in a pinch , just hold and get outta there!

Not my favorite weapon, but it's my favorite roller weapon.

8 Kelp Splatterscope

If not the best weapon, then definitely the best charger. I just got off of a match on Arrowana Mall where all of my teammates got disconnected, as well as half of the opposing team. I was still able to hold my own - I got a good chunk of the map covered and inked 1003 points of turf. I doubt I could've done that with any other charger.

This is the weapon I use. Having a sprinkler as a sub weapon makes it easy to ink lots of turf, and it is possible to splat people with them. It's not uncommon for me to get well over 700 points in a turf war using this weapon, while still splatting lots of players on the opposing team.

I love it. The sprinkler and killer wail are perfect for both Turf War, and Splat Points, especially for a charger.

It's so good to use. Easy to get kills with.

9 N-Zap '89

I tend to use it a lot. the sprinklers give a good distraction to go in for the kill, and I love to just cover ink everywhere with its insane fire rate and then hide and call an ink strike last second.

This is my main weapon, as well as some of the rollers. I use the sploosh-o-Matic quite a bit, but hands down, this is the best weapon. It is fairly accurate and the special is one of the best.

It's amazing if used right. Just cover turf and get the ink strike off, also with sprinkler it's a match made in heaven.

The weapon I use the most, usually get 500-900 points (more than with rolling weapons) and will a bunch of people in the way.

10 .96 Gal

Only have.52 Gal =c

The Contenders
11 Splattershot

Splattershot is the BEST. Tentatek is not good! I once used it, but... it disappointed me. I used the Splattershot once, and I loved it! It should be number one.

A brilliant weapon! I love it

I would shoot them with ink

Great for every type of play! AMAZING!

12 Tentakek Splattershot

The Tentakek Splattershot is a very balanced weapon and better than the regular Splattershot and you can both spread your ink and kill you're enemies with and has great sub and special weapons.

I miss the Tentatek from the first game. The Suction Bombs are always great for pressuring opponents, and the Inkzooka is useful for taking out snipers. The main weapon is also very well-rounded. It has tools to handle just about any situation

Very good and balanced weapon.

How did I get 1 shotted...?

13 Slosher Deco

This weapon was underrated, and it is almost perfect for competitive play. On my list I put it at number 7 because it is not perfect for turf war.

14 .52 Gal Deco

One of my favorite weapons in the game. I love the kit AND the damage on it. I feel like a tank running over people when I use this (but usually feel that way when using a roller)

I got 26 kills and 5 deaths. I love it!

I got score 1765 with this baby

Seekers and inkstrike work well together well.

15 Splash-O-Matic

Amazing weapon with goo dish range and damage love to use all the time

Best weapon and neo is good too

One of debeste weapons

16 Splattershot Jr.

This is actually a suprisingly very good. It can cover a lot of turf, And it does medium damage. Fire rate is also medium. In the first game, Is it equipped with the splat bomb and bubbler, which are both one of my favorite subs and specials. Its ballanced and can counter any type of weapons (Well I do lol) So I actually recommend this weapon if you have a hard time thinking of main weapons.

17 Wasabi Splattershot

This weapon is my favorite. The main weapon, the sub weapon, and finally the special weapon go perfectly together! I always ink lots of turf and still splat lots of enemies with this weapon. Nearly every time I use this, our team wins!

This is my favorite weapon from the first game. The main weapon is one of my favorites and it has the Splat Bomb, which is really useful for keeping enemies at bay. It also comes with the Inkstrike, which is my favorite special.

I love splattershots and this is my favourite of them. In fact, this is my favourite out of all the main weapons. The splat bombs forcing enemies to retreat, and finally finishing them off with my favourite special: THE INKSTRIKE!

18 Mini Splatling

I love the fast charge time!

19 Splat Brella

My go to weapon in X rank! I love it!

I do decent with this

20 Octobrush

This weapon is the greatest thing ever. Fast swing speed, decent range, wide ink spread, pretty high damage, and so much more to love about this weapon. I love placing Squid Beakons in corners on the opponents' side, Super Jumping back to it every time I die (which normally only happens once per round because the main weapon is so good for sneak attacks), and placing another one in case I die again. This tactic is great at pinning down the other team. And the special is the Kraken. Need I say more?

This weapon is seriously overpowered and requires zero skill. If you use this weapon on Ranked Battle, you deserve to be squidbagged

I hate how it looses ink quickly, but apart from that it's pretty good.

What is this aiming you speak of?

21 Forge Splattershot Pro

V dry acurrate and stable good fire rate and powerful

22 Gold Dynamo Roller

It's slow but it has OP range. I personally prefer hero roller, but this is my 2nd favorite roller. HEROES!

I think this should be the first

Again, hate these things.


23 Slosher

Normal Slosher is great but Deco is my personal preference.

It's basically a shotgun, and I love shotguns

Good in turf war

Great for splating!

24 Dynamo Roller

Dynamo's should burn in hell.

Seriously, this is a cheap weapon. It's broken.

Just head into a zone and start pounding

Its really power

25 Aerospray PG

This weapon is good

Better then the RG

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