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21 Slosher

It's basically a shotgun, and I love shotguns

22 Gold Dynamo Roller

It's slow but it has OP range. I personally prefer hero roller, but this is my 2nd favorite roller. HEROES!

The splat bombs make it easier to go up against chargers and fellow Dynamo users as well as the inkstrike

Again, hate these things. - mattstat716

23 Aerospray PG V 1 Comment
24 Grim Range Blaster
25 Heavy Splatling
26 Carbon Roller

I win every time with this - Lord28

There's other rollers out there too, you know... - mattstat716

I love this one

27 Splat/ Hero Charger

They take some time to master, but once you have them down you'll rain kills!

The bomb rush also makes it easy to corner opponents

28 Custom E-Liter 3K

This is my favorite splatoon weapon

29 Dynamo Roller

Its really power

Dynamo's should burn in hell.

Seriously, this is a cheap weapon. It's broken. - mattstat716

30 Berry Splattershot Pro
31 Hero Shot
32 Splat Dualies
33 Jet Squelcher
34 Luna Blaster
35 Forge Splattershot Pro
36 Splattershot
37 Custom Splattershot Junior
38 Custom Range Blaster
39 Sloshing Machine

Why wasn't this on the list? Using this is like, "Oh my gosh! Here comes someone with a Roller! Oop! I got him/her." Plus, I like its resemblance to a Washing Machine.

40 Hero Roller

It does not have as good range as Gold Dynam roller, but it has range, is powerful, looks fresh, and is just awesome. I like hero gear.

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