Best Spongebob Episodes About Patrick

The Top Ten

1 Big Pink Loser

It is so funny that many man laugh. - daud

My favorite Patrick Episode


"NO! THIS IS PATRICK! " - PeeledBanana

2 Patrick-Man!

Are you kidding me?!? This is one of the WORST episodes about Patrick. He goes around the town stopping people from doing legal things, and even accused Ms. Puff of being a boat thief! Take this off the list!

Funny entertaining and actually gets punished. - GhostModer

3 Patrick SmartPants
4 Chocolate With Nuts

This was a hilarious one.

5 I'm with Stupid

Does he always do that after he eats? Only on Wednesdays - Account

6 The Secret Box
7 New Student Starfish
8 Patrick's Staycation
9 No Hat for Pat
10 Rise and Shine

The Contenders

11 The Camping Episode
12 Karate Star
13 Valentine's Day

Heart on stick must die

14 Sing a Song of Patrick
15 Pat No Pay
16 The Donut of Shame
17 Wet Painters
18 Big Sister Sam
19 Sailor Mouth
20 Rule of Dumb
21 The Pink Purloiner
22 The Googly Artiste
23 Patrick! The Game

A lot of people hate this episode because they thought it is a Squidward Torture Episode with Patrick's a Jerk elements. I disagree. He completely deserves it here, unlike other Modern episodes. He willing entertained Patrick's games, before outright mocked Patrick for trying to make a good game, and after Patrick made his game with his other games, and later when Patrick was ready to explain the game, Squidward told him to, but found out how a bad idea it is. Again, sure Patrick, SpongeBob, Sandy and the game rules pretty much annoy him, but I can see them getting back at Squidward for mocking Patrick and his game. - SuperMalechi

Better than Smoothe Jazz in Bikini Bottom. Squidward insulted Patrick's ideas for his game and got what he deserved, and also there's no sign of flaws.

24 Club SpongeBob
25 Band Geeks

This below with Stuck in the Wringer, Pet Sitter Pat or The Card?!? These three episodes are all suck! I love Band Geeks, and it is very funny! "Is Mayonnaise an Instrument? " My favorite line!

This is below so many abysmal episodes. I wonder why - Hellohi

26 Pet Sitter Pat
27 Driven to Tears
28 Sandcastles In the Sand
29 Wishing You Well

Put this above pet sitter pat guys - nonamegame

30 Stuck in the Wringer

NOO! - Gangem

31 The Card
32 Life of Crime
33 Pressure

this too. - nonamegame

34 Rock-a-Bye Bivalve
35 The Whole Tooth
36 Yours, Mine and Mine

It's nice to see that Patrick can stand up for himself in this episode. SpongeBob was the real jerk here, being selfish and wanting a toy for himself. I'd give this a 10/10, the best Patrick episode.

37 The Executive Treatment
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