Top Ten SpongeBob Episodes That Rarely Air


The Top Ten

1 The Paper

It's good and needs to air more! - Joansb

2 Valentine's Day

I don't understand why they don't show this one as often.

This needs to air more, period. - Joansb

I saw it a week ago, lol.

3 Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation

A good 3 years since last aired. - Joansb

4 Walking the Plankton

I didn't know about this one til I looked it up! - Joansb

5 Kenny the Cat

I might be judging it a bit too soon, but I haven't seen it yet cause it hasn't aired at good times for me yet - Joansb

It doesn't air because it's not that good. It's better than most new episodes, but still not that great

6 A Friendly Game

I like this episode but it hardly airs. - Joansb

7 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle

This never airs, but I don't care because the episode is only mediocre. - Joansb

8 Shell Shocked

Last time I saw it was its first airing. That's sad because I remember I liked it. - Joansb

9 The Slumber Party

Last time I saw this on T.V. was a good 3 years ago. No kidding. - Joansb

10 A Life In A Day

Although it's not the best episode it is hardly ever shown - Joansb

The Contenders

11 Graveyard Shift

I feel like this shows a lot. But I feel it is rude to delete anything if someone else thinks opposite. - Joansb

This was one of my favorite episodes! - Pegasister12

12 Krusty Krab Training Video

Yeah I agree, this needs to be shown more, - Joansb

13 It's a SpongeBob Christmas
14 Have You Seen This Snail? Have You Seen This Snail?

Well I'm watching this right now.

15 Karate Island

Yeah, this never shows. But it seems like just about everyone hates the episode. - Joansb

My favorite episode barely ever shows. :/

16 Pizza Delivery Pizza Delivery
17 Band Geeks
18 Help Wanted Help Wanted
19 The Thing
20 One Coarse Meal One Coarse Meal

And thank god for it!

21 The Sponge Who Could Fly

It hasn't aired for 6 years

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