Top Ten SpongeBob Episodes That Rarely Air


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1 The Paper V 1 Comment
2 Valentine's Day

I don't understand why they don't show this one as often.

V 2 Comments
3 Mr. Krabs Takes A Vacation V 1 Comment
4 Walking the Plankton

I didn't know about this one til I looked it up! - Joansb

5 Kenny the Cat

I might be judging it a bit too soon, but I haven't seen it yet cause it hasn't aired at good times for me yet - Joansb

It doesn't air because it's not that good. It's better than most new episodes, but still not that great

6 A Friendly Game

I like this episode but it hardly airs. - Joansb

7 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle

This never airs, but I don't care because the episode is only mediocre. - Joansb

8 Shell Shocked

Last time I saw it was its first airing. That's sad because I remember I liked it. - Joansb

9 The Slumber Party V 1 Comment
10 A Life In A Day

Although it's not the best episode it is hardly ever shown - Joansb

The Contenders

11 Graveyard Shift

I feel like this shows a lot. But I feel it is rude to delete anything if someone else thinks opposite. - Joansb

This was one of my favorite episodes! - Pegasister12

12 Krusty Krab Training Video

Yeah I agree, this needs to be shown more, - Joansb

13 It's a SpongeBob Christmas
14 Karate Island

Yeah, this never shows. But it seems like just about everyone hates the episode. - Joansb

My favorite episode barely ever shows. :/ - SomeRandomStickboy

15 Have You Seen This Snail? Have You Seen This Snail?
16 Pizza Delivery Pizza Delivery
17 Band Geeks
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