Top Ten SpongeBob Episodes Where Mr. Krabs Is at His Worst


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21 Out of the Picture

He tried to KILL Sqiudward, and when Spongebob went to help Sqiudward, Mr. Krabs tied Spongebob to a chair and chased Sqiudward with a mallet.

22 Band Geeks


23 Krusty Towers

I hate this episode

24 Mutiny on the Krusty Mutiny on the Krusty

Mr. Krabs acts likes a Tyrant in this episode.

25 Arrgh!
26 The Krusty Sponge
27 Ghoul Fools
28 Patty Caper
29 Safe Deposit Krabs
30 Nasty Patty

What many people fail to realize is that Mr. Krabs technically commits involuntary manslaughter even though it was the fly that knocked the inspector unconscious. This is because he and SpongeBob attempt to bury him that night. After nearly getting caught by the cops, Krabs tells numerous lies to get them out of trouble. One more thing: At the very end of the episode, the two officers take part in assaulting the inspector. If Krabs were prosecuted for "One Coarse Meal", he would get 60 years to life. If he were prosecuted for "Nasty Patty", he would almost certainly get life because of involuntary manslaughter.

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31 The Original Fry Cook
32 Wet Painters Wet Painters
33 Krabs a la Mode

Don't touch the thermostat

34 Chum Bucket Supreme

HE STOLE PLANKTON'S IDEA! AND GUESS WHAT?!?! PEOPLE LOVED IT AND THINK PLANKTON STOLE THE "FUM" IDEA! (even through Plankton has the "fum" idea first(Technically Patrick, since he is an idiot, misspelling the word "fun", but still)) Create your own, Mr.Krabs! - BorisRule

35 Can You Spare a Dime? Can You Spare a Dime?
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