Top Ten SpongeBob Episodes Where the Townspeople Are at Their Worst

We got Fred, Harold, Larry, Lifeguard and lots more. Most of the items will include the police.

The Top Ten

1 Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy

I think this one is where they are at their worst. The other ones really aren't that bad. Plus, "Squidward the Friendly Giant" is actually "Giant Squidward". It's a play on giant squid.

They were total jerk in this episode - Delgia2k

2 Little Yellow Book

They were such hypocrites

3 Smooth Jazz At Bikini Bottom
4 Choir Boys
5 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
6 Good Neighbors
7 Squidward The Friendly Giant

It’s called “Giant Squidward” - DrayTopTens

8 Stuck In the Wringer

They were awful jerks and this should be number one. - RalphBob

€Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart.”

R u kidding me? They r the ones who don’t have a heart! They were very hipocritical and mean to say that to spongebob! Besides spongebob had a rite to yell at patrick. In fact patrick deserve more than get yelled at! I wish I can drop a bomb at them killing all the people except spongebob! This should definitely be number 1 on the list!

9 A Breath Of Fresh Squidward
10 Slide Whistle Stooges

The Contenders

11 The Sponge Who Could Fly

Good thing they learned their lesson for treating a hero like a slave. Well I'll tell you a story...

One day the king have suffered a problem over by many accidents to his kingdom and his people. Other was a hero who have a dream to become a bird and joined the flocks ( just like the way Spongebob dreamed: He wants to join with jellyfishes) then he becomes one and he saved the kingdom from many damages and the king thanked him for his heroic deeds. Until the king have hypocrisy when he treat his hero like a slave as the hero will do anything for the king and the people. But the hero has to leave and the king become furious for his betrayal until a hunter killed the hero for a bird on purpose and the king becomes distraught.

The story is way more similiar to the episode's overview and the story itself was an allegory so that's why I put my vote here.

This is number FIFTEEN?!?!? The townspeople are even WORSE than someone's in the kitchen with Sandy. The main problem wasn't the townspeople in that episode.

This should be in the top three


12 Culture Shock

What? They like everyone else but Squidward? I think this is half regular episode half Squidward Torture Porn.It's still a good episode though,just the fish are a little to mean to Squidward. - DapperPickle

13 Sweet and Sour Squid

Reporting to the police about how bad Squidward's music is was the stupidest thing they've done.

This should be number 1.

14 Giant Squidward
15 The Bully
16 Squid Wood
17 Fry Cook Games
18 Grooming Gary
19 WhoBob WhatPants?

Everyone is so mean-spirited to SpongeBob. SB has caused accidents like tripping on a rock and landing on Patrick (which destroyed his cake for his mom), and tripping on a rock (again) and accidentally spilling water on Sandy's invention, knocked on Squidward's door, and accidentally fell and burned Mr Krab's money, and everyone called SpongeBob "Idiot Boy".

20 The Two Faces of Squidward

The townspeople torturing Squidward because of how handsome he is...

they even stole some of his stuff.

21 Professor Squidward
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