Best SpongeBob Moments

The SpongeBob series have a lot of best and worst moments and this list is only for the BEST and FUNNIEST. Enjoy.

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1 Is Mayonnaise An Instrument (Band Geeks)

Yes, mayonnaise is an instrument. - DrayTopTens

One of the highlights from Band Geeks. laugh out loud. Horseradish is not an instrument, either.

I'm pretty sure all SpongeBob fans will crack up with this classic Patrick line.

Every time I hear this part, I just cracked up laughing!

2 The Crazy Chocolate Guy (Chocolate With Nuts)

Lol that guy is funny when he yells chocolate! - trains45

This is what made me watch the old SpongeBob and ignore the new one.

Classic. This guy is classic.

The moment he yelled Chocolate, a legend starts.

3 Bubble Bowl Performance (Band Geeks)

Nothing gets my heart pumping more than sweet victory. Honestly this whole episode is just the greatest

An absulately masterpiece,better than mayonnaise joke should be number 1.

Only at number 18? This should be at number 1!

This is the best. It should be first. It’s way better than “is mayonnaise an instrument? ” - DrayTopTens

4 FINLAND! (Frankendoodle)

Favorit stive via song

You can see Patrick's classic humor with this one line.

5 Imagination (Idiot Box)
6 Squidward's Close-Up Face (Just One Bite)

You can't keep a straight face at this straight face

7 MY NAME'S NOT RICK!!! (The Fry Cook Games)

SpongeBob: *erases Pat from Patrick*
Patrick: what No! MY NAMEESS NOOOTT RRIICCCK! - AlphaQ

8 SpongeBob Learning that Squidward Likes Krabby Patties (Just One Bite)

You like Krabby Patties don't you Squidward? - Garythesnail

9 Squidward Tortellini (The Great Snail Race)
10 NO, THIS IS PATRICK! (Big Pink Loser)

One of the funniest things on SpongeBob - Gangem

The Contenders

11 Patrick's Plan (Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm)
12 Squidward Smacks the Pizza on the Impatient Customer's Face (Pizza Delivery)
13 Squidward Dresses Up As Santa Claus and Gives Gifts to the People of Bikini Bottom to Cheer Up SpongeBob (Christmas Who?)
14 WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY (Wet Painters)
15 Squidward Has No Soul (Just One Bite)
16 Hoopla (Krusty Krab Training Video)
17 Campfire Song (The Camping Episode)
18 Fish Smells SpongeBob's Filthy Mouth (Something Smells)
19 Escalators (Sailor Mouth)
20 POOP (Krusty Krab Training Video)

Lol that part is funny - trains45

21 Nosferatu's Appearance (Graveyard Shift)
22 Mr. Krab's Karma (Krabby Land)

Yes. He deserves it.

23 Sea Bear Attacks Squidward (The Camping Episode)

That was kinda too intense for a Spongebob episode, but there have been worse.

24 OVERTIME?! (Rock-a-Bye Bivalve)
25 Patrick Is a Pinhead (Survival of the Idiots)
26 World's Smallest Violin (Squilliam Returns)
27 Patrick Is Gonna Starve (Life of Crime)
28 More (Jellyfish Hunter)
29 Plankton Attempting Escape (Krusty Krab Training Video)
30 SpongeBob's Eager Face (Band Geeks)
31 Patrick's I LOVE YOU Face (Chocolate With Nuts)
32 Where's The Leak, Ma'am (Frankendoodle)
33 SpongeBob's Failed Attempt to Explode (Dying For Pie)
34 SpongeBob Soiled It (The Algae's Always Greener)
35 Uh, Uh, Uh (The Algae's Always Greener)
36 Spikey Cleats (SpongeBob Meets the Strangler)
37 Patrick Using Dollar to Buy a Candy Bar (Wet Painters)
38 Property of Sandy Cheeks (Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm)
39 SpongeBob's Story (No Weenies Allowed)
40 Squidward Comes Back and Forth to the Krusty Krab (Squid's Day Off)
41 Patrick's Karma (Suds)
42 Squilliam is an Underwear Model (Squilliam Returns)
43 My Leg (Few SpongeBob Episodes)
44 Leedle (Shanghaied)
45 Realistic Explosion (Dying For Pie)
46 Subliminal Messages (Gary Takes a Bath)
47 Perfume Department (Shanghaied)
48 Sandy Removes Her Suit (Pressure)
49 A Zombie (Nasty Patty)
50 The Interrogation (Krab Borg)
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