SpongeBob Season 13 Ideas Episodes that Should Be Made


The Top Ten

1 Doodlebob's Return

There better not be another different way

Please, No trolls Allowed! - Rainbowkid38

2 Glove Multiverse
3 Squid Time!
4 Code Blue
5 Patrick Gets a Bad Hat
6 The forrest Krab
7 The Chum Bucket Training Video
8 A Weenie's revenge
9 SpongeBob: Infinity War
10 SpongeBob: End game

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob and the Mean, Nasty, Horrible Whales
12 Squidward Moves Out
13 Sandy's Wild West Adventure
14 SpongeBob's Holiday with Mr. Krabs
15 Different Way

Hopefully that troll learned his/her lesson. - Rainbowkid38

16 Spongedonald Trumppants
17 Spongebob visits equestria

I might as well add a Stupid crossover that will never happen. Involving (my favorite Qubo show) Madeline. - Rainbowkid38

18 Puffy Fluffy's Rampage
19 Madeline Pays a Visit
20 The Krusty Krab Extreme
21 Age of Man-Ray
22 Squidward's Big Hit
23 Krabware
24 Kissy Kissy Love You
25 Doodlebob Has the Infinity Gauntlet

You do realize that this is a clone of #9 right? - Rainbowkid38

26 Doodlebob Eats 1000 Hot Pockets
27 Doodlebob vs Goku
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