SpongeBob Season 13 Ideas Episodes that Should Be Made

The Top Ten SpongeBob Season 13 Ideas Episodes that Should Be Made

1 Doodlebob's Return

There better not be another different way

Please, No trolls Allowed!

2 Glove Multiverse
3 Code Blue
4 Squid Time!
5 Patrick Gets a Bad Hat
6 The forrest Krab
7 The Chum Bucket Training Video
8 SpongeBob: Infinity War
9 A Weenie's revenge
10 SpongeBob and the Mean, Nasty, Horrible Whales

The Newcomers

? Fracturebob

SpongeBob is ready to enjoy a great day, At the Krusty Krab, Patrick comes in and goofs around with SpongeBob, Squidward comes in and gets annoyed and Squidward comes in and warns SpongeBob about a disease called the body tare, this disease is caused by being too happy all the time, the next day, SpongeBob wakes up in major pain, SpongeBob is sent to the hospital, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Pearl, Mrs. Puff and Larry all go to see him, Once he’s out of the hospital he can’t come in to work and he asks Sandy to take care of Gary, Then the news reporter comes on and says the person who made this body tare thing has commuted a crime, a week later, at the Krusty Krab, the cop comes in and asks who invented it, and SpongeBob admitted Squidward did it and was sent to court, Squidward gets arrested and thrown in jail for 1 year and has to pay a $1,000 fine for his crime.

? Krabs in Money York City

SpongeBob and Squidward discover a weird portal to a new dimension, Squidward says it was lame and SpongeBob says it’s a place with lost of money, Mr. Krabs then walks out and discovers he is going to a Money City, Mr. Krabs walks through the portal and SpongeBob goes to Pearl and says that Mr. Krabs is a psychopath, Mr. Krabs is in Money York and he moves into a house made of money, Everything in his new home is made of money, 1 WEEK LATER, The money burns away and it was Plankton’s portal that Mr. Krabs went through, Plankton sent Mr. Krabs so that he can steal the formula, Mr. Krabs then calls the police and arrests Plankton.

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob: End game
12 Squidward Moves Out
13 Sandy's Wild West Adventure
14 SpongeBob's Holiday with Mr. Krabs
15 Larry’s Company

Larry the Lobster starts a business, He has a cross fit exercise training company, he hires SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff, after 6 hours of training SpongeBob then gets dehydrated and gets sent to the hospital and then the cops shut the business down and Larry gets arrested

16 Different Way

Hopefully that troll learned his/her lesson.

17 Spongedonald Trumppants
18 Spongebob visits equestria

I might as well add a Stupid crossover that will never happen. Involving (my favorite Qubo show) Madeline.

19 Puffy Fluffy's Rampage
20 Madeline Pays a Visit
21 The Krusty Krab Extreme
22 Age of Man-Ray
23 Squidward's Big Hit
24 Krabware
25 Kissy Kissy Love You
26 Doodlebob Has the Infinity Gauntlet

You do realize that this is a clone of #9 right?

27 Doodlebob Eats 1000 Hot Pockets
28 Doodlebob vs Goku
29 Return to Rock Bottom
30 SpongeBob Meets Lilo and Stitch
31 Krabs vs. Squidward
32 Plankton's Revenge
33 Return to Weenie Hut JR's
34 Hurricane Squid
35 The Krusty Krab Permanently Gets Shut Down
36 SpongeBob Ends His Friendship with Patrick
37 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Pass Away
38 Plankton Finally Steals the Krabby Patty Formula
39 SpongeBob Gets His Boating License
40 Mr. Krabs Sentenced to Prison for Life
41 Lil SpongeBob

SpongeBob becomes mumble rapper and murder, Mr Krabs makes an expesive streetwear brand and they form crew with his friends. Then the Krusty Krab is reconstructed into a hip hop bar. This episode is musical and it will include mumble rap songs.

42 SpongeBob Visits Japan

Spongebob and Patric are impressed by a Japanese style city

43 Eurovision in Bikini Bottom (3 Hour Special)

Krusty Krab organise a Eurovision style event with singers from different fictional countries and the winner gets a rare Krabby Patty. The songs of the episode are real life from European singers

44 Plankton Meets Slushii

In this episode the Monstercat learn the existence of the city and they organise a trip. After arriving at Bikini Bottom, Slushii team up with Plankton to open a smoothie bar and the rest of Monstercat artists visit Bikini Bottom and meet the characters depending on their interests like Steven Walking with the Larry, the cat mascot with the Garry, Squidward with Dummu , Pearl with Koven, Sandy with Aero Chord, Mr Krabs with Pegboard nerds, Mrs puff with Rogue and SpongeBob and Patric with Tokyo machine. Then, they organise a huge party in town, but the evil bubble and the bad guys have evil plans to destroy the festival and then, they invade to Bikini Bottom and ruin it. After that, Mermaid boy and barnacle boy learn this from the nursery house by a random habitant and after figuring out that is a festival, they go to do a musical performance with super hero and edm vibes and they save the day all day all nght. At the end, they thank them
with cat plushies, autographs and vinyl ...more

45 Bikinithera Mechanism


46 Bojack Horseman Visits Bikini Bottom
47 Krabby Gyros

A Greek themed SpongeBob episode with gyros and souvlaki instead of Krabby Patty.

48 Pop Team Epic Visits Bikini Bottom

A crossover episode with the aspects of

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